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Play For Your Love (For Your Love Series) by Ashley Nicole

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Play For Your Love Ashley Nicole
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In order to find love, you have to take a chance. You have to open yourself up to the possibility of being hurt. You have to expose yourself in a way that you usually wouldn’t; allow others to see vulnerabilities that you try to hide. 
Journalist Aria Smith tried that three years ago and it ended in disaster. Now, she’s just trying to focus on moving up the ladder in her career. She’s just been handed the most coveted interview in sports writing, so it looks like she’s well on her way. 
Basketball star Tory Barker is fresh off of a championship season and is in high demand right now. He’s riding high off of his success, avoiding drama as he does so. His usually introverted and stress free lifestyle is upset when he comes face to face with Aria. She’s everything he never knew he wanted and everything he plans to get. 
Aria’s not sure she’s ready for the likes of Tory. Yes, he’s a sweetheart. Yes, he’s easy to talk. However, living life in the limelight was never her dream. Nor, was dating a basketball player. She’s throwing up strong blocks every time he makes a move. Tory knows she’s worth it and is more than ready to play for her love. Can he win is the question…
Play For Your Love was well done. It was well-written, humorous and even romantic. But when it delved into sexual assault, I gave this promising read the side eye.

Aria is a writer. She writes for her friend's popular magazine; which brings her into contact with baller, Tory. Aria is interviewing the up-and-coming basketball player on his endeavors and his plans for the upcoming season. The plan was a phone interview, but because of many scheduling conflicts, they meet in person. When they meet in person, sparks fly.

Both are hesitant to start something but love is not taking no for an answer.

Love was on front street in Play For Your Love. The way the relationship developed really gave the reader something to root for. Tory was everything you look for in a book boyfriend: successful, attractive, warm and giving. Aria was also a solid character. She had a rough reality, had a shaky family, but was also warm and fun. Her relationships with her friends were humorous and fun.

The real issue is the way the sexual assault was presented and dissected in this story. Without being too spoiler-y, Aria is a sexual assault victim. However, it doesn't appear realistic but creates the conflict that was initially missing from the story.

I can see where the author was going with this section of the story. But, I felt untrustworthy of the MC, and disturbed with the handling of sexual victims. That's not to say the author was being gross and dismissive. It was off-putting in its presentation. I can't really explain without giving too much away. But, this is a fair warning.

Otherwise, it's a decent read that's worth reading.

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