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Netherfield Must Go (A Pride and Prejudice Novel Series) By Nikki Payne + Promo for Literally Black Readers

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Netherfield Must Go (A Price and Prejudice Novel Series) by Nikki Payne Part 1
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Pride and Prejudice- The Remix! Local DJ Liza Bennett has had it with gentrification in her Southeast DC neighborhood. When a brooding property developer sets up shop right next door at Netherfield Court apartments, Liza will do whatever she can to make sure they know they are not welcome. Can she keep her mom and family from undermining her every move against Pemberley Development Co? In this modern, multicultural retelling of Austen's beloved novel, Liza Bennett knows it all- except how to keep arrogant Dorsey Fitzgerald at arms length!

 I rarely bother with novels of this length, as they're normally too short to allow the story to develop fully. 

But, if this serial was a TV series, I'd tune into every episode. 

Liza is a radio personality and resident activist for Netherfield. A major project threatens the livelihood of the black and brown residents of Netherfield. The elderly stand to lose their homes, and for some, possibly their jobs. Not on Liza's watch. 

Dorsey Fitzgerald is the money behind the gentrification projects, that threaten Netherfield. 

To connect with the residents, they throw a gala, Dorsey and his partner, David.

Liza wasn't going, but she uses it as an opportunity to rally against them. At least that's the plan. Her mother, grandmother in her flashy tracksuits, and her sisters have a different plan.

This story is good! I loved the initial hate meeting between the two MC's. I liked the way the author played on their racial differences to create a barrier between them.  This author deals with these racial disparities realistically and unabashedly.

As a black reader, I felt seen and heard. Liza is an echoed voice of problems a lot of us face in our everyday lives. In just that short space, I understood Liza's goal and I am fully ready to support and root for her. 

I loved the family dynamic in this story. I am a sucker for a meddling mother and a flashy grandmother. Bring on the mothers that want to marry their daughters off to the richest man, and the grandmothers that wear polyester tracksuits. It feels like home. I feel like this is the family dynamic I would have if my life were set up different.

There are sisters, of course, you meet them briefly. The first book pays more attention to the initial meet up of Liza and Dorsey. They will set the tone for the story and the plot, so I understood why you get little of their story.

I have little to say good or bad. I really enjoyed the story. It's well written, it's relatable and entertaining. The family will be a riot—and the romance will be hard coming, but I can already tell it will be worth it. Enemies-to-lovers is truly my love language. I believe in the love that's worth fighting for. I can't wait to see how they engage in the war that began in the book's last lines. 

This author gets black people, she gets the culture, and it is clear in the direction of her retelling. I expect her to handle this in a way I haven't seen done before. This is a series and an author to watch!

Again this is a serial, so each story is short, and set in serial form. According to the author, the installments will release on a monthly basis. The next installment releases October 1st.

In conjunction with Literally Black, Nikki Payne has set the price of her debut novel at $0.00 until September 4th STARTING tomorrow, August 31st. (If you do not see the offer, please be patient, it is in the works!) 

Thanks, Nikki for teaming up with me to offer this deal to the readers!

Y'all pick up this book. You won't regret it. The link is at the top! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Three Part Harmony by Holley Trent: Porque, no las dos?

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Three Part Harmony by Holley Trent
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Sometimes three is deliciously better than two 

Raleigh McKean has borne witness to every conceivable way one person can take advantage of another. He sees it all the time in his job as a book publicist, especially working alongside his boss’s daughter. Everley Shannon would be amazing if she wasn’t such a pain in his ass.

All Raleigh wants is something real. But when the captivating stranger he agrees to go home with turns out to be Bruce Engle, the elusive rock star, it’s a harsh reminder that users are everywhere. Raleigh’s his route to a book deal, nothing more.

What Raleigh doesn’t realize is that the brooding musician is also searching for something real—and it’s possible he’s already found it in Everley’s arms. But is there room in those arms for one more?

With Everley’s own dream of getting out from under her father’s shadow crumbling into chaos, it feels like the perfect time to embrace something new. But when Raleigh’s insatiable attraction to both Everley and Bruce makes it impossible to keep his distance, there’s only one obvious solutionassuming they can learn how to share.
What I enjoyed most about, 'Three-Part Harmony,' was hands down, the writing. It's fluid, a little languid, but easy to follow—and a clear sign of the talent behind the pen. Her grasp on vocabulary was enough to make me weep. Teach me your ways, Holley. Teach me your ways.
The handling of the polyamorous portion was delicate, and the author paid particular attention to the intricacies and tenderness of the type of relationship it is, along with the different personalities. Dealing with one lover is difficult, I can't imagine two, even if they are cooperative.

The only thing I was "unhappy" with was the pacing. It's a slow mover. It felt longer than I imagined it would be.

The bright side is the author uses the time to develop the story fully; and the characters. The story doesn't lack in any of the vital areas; like plot, character development, etc. I prefer book one over this one, but I enjoyed the depth of these characters. I liked Bruce; I liked all the characters. They're well fleshed out.

I liked his quirky traits. I enjoyed his quote-unquote, weirdness. I liked his insecurities because, besides the fact that it made him real, it makes us as readers, feel okay with being flawed. The author does an excellent job with the handling of these reflective personalities, with their true-to-life stories.

Well done and I would recommend it. 

Monday, August 26, 2019

#BlackRomanceMatters (Text List) 52 Black Romance Recommendations for the Beginners to the OG's

Love on the Highlight Reel Christna C. Jones

Happiness in Jersey Jacinta Howard

Haunted Christina C. Jones

Inevitable Conclusions Christina C. Jones

Love at First Spite Alexandra Warren

Trouble Ann Christopher

MVP Daddy K.Sadee

Adore You Nicole Falls

The Truth of Things Tasha L. Harrison

Getting Schooled Christina C. Jones

Rule and Camryn B. Love

A Princess in Theory Alyssa Cole

On Pointe Shelly Ellis

In Due Time B. Love

Brave Hearts (Holliday Sisters, #2) Nicole Falls

When Souls Collide (Souls Collide, Book #1) Millie Belizaire

No Holds Barred (In the Hear of a Valentine, Book#1) Stephanie Nicole Norris

Let Me Love You (McClain Brothers, #1) Alexandria House

Wild Thoughts (Brooks Family, Book #4) Delaney Diamond

Layover Katrina Jackson

The Colors We Make Chelsea Maria

Will You Still Want Me? B. Love

Loud and Lew'd Chencia C. Higgins

His Until Midnight Reese Ryan

Road To Love (Lessons in Love, Book#1) Nicole Falls

Pink Slip (The Spies Who Loved Her, Book #1) Katrina Jackson

Til Morning B. Love

Pushing Thirty Necole Ryse

Love and Loopholes Railyn Stone

Wins & Losses Alexandra Warren

Sweatpants Season Danielle Allen

Last First Kiss Nicole Falls

A Wedding One Christmas (A Day to Forever, Book#1) Therese Beharie

In Tune JN Welsh

Blessed by Malakai (To Marry a Madden, Book#1) Sherelle Green

Power Bella Jay

Private Eye (The Spies Who Loved Her, Book#2) Katrina Jackson

With Your Permission (In the Heart of a Valentine, Book#5) Stephanie Nicole Norris

Snowflake Nia Forrester

Writing Her In Holley Trent

Wonder Christina C. Jones

Honeydew (Southern Seduction, Book#1) S. Taylor

Displacement (A Building 402 Novel) Alexandra Warren

All Things Burn Jodie Slaughter

In Black and White Nia Forrester

Two Nights in Paris (Brooks Family, Book #5) Delaney Diamond

I Think I Might Love You (Love Sisters, Book#1) Christina C. Jones

Sunday, August 25, 2019

#BlackRomanceMatters: 52 Black Romance Recommendations for The Beginners to the OG's

#BlackRomanceMatters week is incomplete without a comprised list of Black romance novel recommendations. It is nothing to read a bunch of posts, it's another thing altogether to support the movement, by supporting the books and authors that make up this genre. Put your money where your mouth is and grab one (or many) of these titles. There is something for everyone on this list, from the fake love trope, forced marriage, friends-to-lovers, polyamorous relationships, etc. Be a part of the solution.



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