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#ROMBKLOVE DAY 15: Unforgettable Family: We are Family!


Romance normally focuses on the coming together of the MC’s and while that’s really why we’re all here; I wanted to use this post to highlight family. Whether the family is doing the falling in love, or simply interfering—family in romance is important.

 Most of what’s featured below is a lot of siblings, but that’s all happenstance; it just worked out that way.

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Without further ado:


The Wrights Brothers series by Christina C. Jones:
If you follow this blog, you know how much I adore Ms. Jones—and pretty much everything she writes. This series was no exception. You get doctor love, school love, and bestie love. There's a little of everything for everyone---including sexy, successful chocolate men who are brothers.


 I Think I Might Love You BOOK ONE (Love Sisters Series) by Christina C. Jones:
While we're discussing Christina C. Jones let's talk about her latest release, I Think I Might Love You. Aside from being funny as heck, there's a solid series building here. Not to mention, the cover is vibrant and so gorgeous. You will not want to miss out on this fun series! The book starts off with the MC kicking someone in the jewels and getting arrested for going Jazmine Sullivan on an ex's car.


In The Heart of A Valentine Series by Stephanie Nicole Norris:
This series...whew! These chocolate brothers will give you a run for your money. There is something for everyone. With Your Permission is my favorite so far. A French-speaking black man is my cup of tea. And, the sex scenes in it are unmatched. Such a worthwhile series—and such stellar writing.


The Holliday Sisters Series by Nicole Falls
This is such a fun series—and I love that it started with the holiday season. I adore Christmas. I have a mini ELF living inside of my body. You'll laugh, swoon and cry. My words can't do this series a service. Read it. Brave Hearts is my favorite, see Immigration, fake marriage—and friends-to-lovers.

3515763635650645Be with Me (Strickland Sisters, #3)

Strickland Sisters by Alexandra Warren
Sisters with romance tropes for everyone. A nice addition.

Maker of Sunshine: Only for Love (Lewis Family Book 1) by [Nichelle, G]

Maker of Sunshine (Only For Love) by G. Nichelle
I imagine that there will be more books. It seems prime for a series. I like novels that have the entire family featured in the novel—from the grandmother on down. You get a good dose of romance and family in this one.

The Connecticut Kings Series by Christina C. Jones and Love Belvin
I wasn't going to include this one but with a family at the helm of a football team. I couldn't NOT include it. A family of men and a woman run a football team—and it is a very interesting dynamic. And the romance is not slacking either! A sports romance worth reading!


After Ever (A Paradise Cove Story) by Santana Blair
I really enjoyed the brother and sister dynamic in this romance. The brother was super protective, and though the sister did not speak—she gave him a run for his money. It was very interesting to watch, and it made me wish I had a brother willing to go to such lengths to protect me. Also, the way the story unfolds, and the romance—ugh so good!


To Marry a Madden Series Sherelle Green
When I picked up #Blessed by Malakai, I knew I had to include this series. Imagine waking up one day as a Twitter sensation, because of your psycho of a kind-of-an-ex created the hashtag: #BlessedByMalaki, and sharing your private parts for the world to see. The book kicks off with our MC on the run from a horde of women hoping to be blessed by Malaki. Get this series, you'll enjoy it.

Snowflake Nia Forrester
If you follow this blog, you know how I felt about this book. Though the father is incarcerated; his presence was very strong—and it gave the MC character—along with his mother who never gave up on the love she shared with his father. Aside from the romance, the parents were the stars of this novel; showing that love knows no time or distance.


MacLaine Girls Series Shelly Ellis
A diverse group of women, the MacLaine Girls are a force. A family-run (all women) dance studio; with the matriarch at the helm; this series is a nice addition to any shelf. If you like younger men and older women romance; book one is a good place to start.

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This list features a dynamic (though small) portion of some outstanding black writers and authors. Black romance is important and though it is often ignored in the public arena; as it pertains to accolades, and awards—Black romance has been here and is here to stay. The vibrancy, love, sex and romance you seek as a romance novel lover—is all here. Don't let a brown face deter you. You're missing out. 

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