What is Literally Black?

Literally Black is a review site dedicated to the exposure, and promotion of black literature--this includes but is not limited to books written by African-Americans. While, the site will for the most part promote novels written by African-Americans, it will also include novels, featuring African-American characters, as main characters--and also novels written by people of color. 

What is the purpose of Literally Black?

 My sole purpose of Literally Black is to bridge the gap between literary works written by African-Americans (and those of color) and the general population. There is still a lack in the presence of literature written by those of color and everyone else. There is a lack of exposure, a lack of understanding, a lack of promotion. I can go on and on. I am here to attempt to fix that, with this tiny little blog.

Why, Literally Black?

Because in 2018, you still have to ask that question. 

My Hopes for Literally Black:

I hope with everything inside of me, to promote good literature, that remains otherwise unseen--and to get these books into the hands of readers who would not otherwise know about them.

I hope to become a space for the reader to find the books that are not normally exposed to them, and to feel comfortable enough to share their thoughts and opinions about them--without judgement.

Okay, I might judge you a little. LOL. But, seriously, I  created this site out of a sheer need that in the five years of book blogging, I have found is still needed. 

I still have to scour the web to find books written by authors of color, in the same manner one may scour--a clothing store's sale rack. It's frustrating, time-consuming--but maybe, just maybe--you might find a gem.

I want to make that process easier--and to show the world, just how powerful our words are, how important our stories are.

It matters, you matter, we matter.  

Welcome, I do hope you'll stick around!

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