Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Neighborly by Katrina Jackson Release Day Review

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Neighborly by Katrina Jackson
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Heaven has been in love with her boyfriend Calvin since the day they met. The amateur boxer is perfect; kind, supportive and loving, the body of a god and sex so good she's willing to follow him any and everywhere. That's how they end up in a new town, renting half a duplex and ready to start their lives together. 

Things you need to read Neighborly:

  1. Time to read it through completely
  2. A huge glass or a jug of water
  3. A fan

Jackson does erotica like it’s her day job. Sex was the star of Neighborly, but the sensual couples were the headliners.

Heaven and Calvin were relationship goals. I hate to sound cliche, but they were. The notion of being a couple that appreciates the other without cattiness, pettiness, or silly arguments is a treat. I am team drama in the books I enjoy, but I loved Calvin and Heaven. They had an understanding and a reciprocal relationship that was as easy as Sunday morning. I’m full of cliches today, aren’t I? Calvin and Heaven loved and treated each other with so much respect and adoration. I was almost tempted to jump on social media to look for a man that could compare; almost. Let’s not get beside ourselves.

I loved the idea of them moving into their first home together and all the minor details the author gave to make the story more realistic and engaging. I mean, do I need to convince y’all? If you’ve been a follower of this blog, you know I love Kat Jackson books, and this one was no exception.

Our secondary characters, Tasha and Stephen were fun. They added something to the story, a story that was already doing well on its own. It was like being offered dessert after a superb meal.

Now, let's briefly talk about the chemistry and the sex in the book. It was hot. It was damn near combustible. The book was written well, and the details were on point. It was easy to read and thoroughly engaging. Jackson’s voice is strong, and so are her stories. I highly recommended the book for erotica fans and otherwise.