Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Road To Love Nicole Falls- Road Tripping to Family Drama and Black Love


Road To Love by Nicole Falls
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Emerson Parker is a walking ball of stress. Still reeling from the untimely demise of a relationship that she thought would last forever, work strain, & longstanding family drama, she is in dire need of respite. A freak occurrence coupled with a little bit of desperation to get away from it all leads her on an adventure—a cross-country road trip back to her hometown of Ragston, MI. At the end of the long road home, Emerson hopes to find peace in more ways than one.

Roosevelt Ashe is in desperate need of a new start. Still reeling from the loss of his grandmother, he heads back home to Chicago to settle her affairs and jumpstart his life. The only problem? Home is where the heart of his drama lies.

A chance meeting between these two strangers as they traverse the country with similar missions sparks an undeniable connection.

***AUTHOR'S NOTE*** Books Two and Three in this series are forthcoming, but not written by me. Book two will follow Roxanne and will be written by Te Russ. Book Three will follow Charlene and will be written by Bailey West.

Review + Rating
4 out of 5 stars
As you may have already come to know, Nicole Falls is my girl. She's my sister-friend in my head.

She just gets what I'm looking for in a book, without even knowing it. Of course, she didn't write this book specifically for me--but it always seems like between her and Christina C. Jones--they know exactly what I'm looking for when I need it.

Road To Love was different for Ms. Falls--but it contained the typical humor, and swoon-worthy romance, I've grown to know her for.

Emerson's life is just stressful. Sis, is skressed. In an attempt to alleviate her stress--she takes a break from work, to visit her family. Her older sister although overbearing will be the reprieve she's seeking--along with her niece, whom she adores.

It's just the parental unit, that she could do without seeing.

Roosevelt aka Ro is on the precipice of his grief over the loss of his grandmother--and too, finds himself heading back home--and dealing with his family, even though he'd rather be doing anything but that.

Deciding to drive home, and Emerson forced to drive home--the two meet in a "chance," kind of way--and the two find something in the other, they weren't even looking for.

This book has the typical Nicole Falls style, but, it's heavier and meatier--than what I've grown used to from her.

This is not a complaint, but more of a notice. I see you, girl.

Emerson as well as other characters like her, give me life--because they get me, unintentionally. Who doesn't love a book that makes you feel seen?

Emerson's internal struggles and even familial struggles are familiar, and I enjoyed seeing how she dealt with it all.

While Roosevelt shared a similar experience-- his was a bit more painful with the loss of his grandmother.

But the two of them together--was so effortless and cute. It was typical Nicole Falls, cute throwback goodness.

I love all of those little moments where we music from my past is brought up in the form of reminiscent moments. It puts me in a happy black space. Thanks for that. I don't think I've said that before, but thanks for recognizing the real.

I don't want to give away too much of the book. I know I typically don't, but sometimes it's hard to restrain myself because I want to rant about it in full disclosure--but I want you all to enjoy the experience without all of the spoilers.

This is another amazing read from Nicole--I mean did you expect me to say anything different?

Humorous, while serious, emotional, and at times light--Road To Love is the perfect summer romance--and you deserve this book.

PSA: If you didn't bother to read the blurb in its entirety--there will be other books in this series. NOT WRITTEN by Nicole Falls. I won't lie and say I'm not disappointed because I am. But, I'll be checking them out of course.

OH, and Nicole if you're reading this, is we getting more of Emerson or nah? I feel like I'm owed a little more. Just sayin.'

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

When Love Hurts by Sonovia


When Love Hurts by Sonovia 
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Tessie has been with the love of her life for the last 16 years. A school teacher by day—By passion she is the pastor over the church that her uncle passed down to her, and the mother of two beautiful girls. Her husband Miles hasn't accepted the same calling that his wife has in ministry. Miles is a correctional officer over the adolescent. Miles finds himself being haunted by some of his past sins. How will it all come out and how will Tessie handle it? Will she go to God and lean on Him to take care of her husband or will her fleshly body make her do something that she will regret?

Review + Rating
2.5-3 out of 5 stars
Structurally this book is a mess. Between the grammatical errors, and the multiple pov's, every single time a character entered the story, it was a doozy.

The author went straight on dramatic in this read and while it was thoroughly entertaining, in an, "I'm glad this mess isn't happening to me," kind of way. It was really over the top and not very realistic.
Granted I don't turn to fiction for realism, Sis, let everything happen to this character. She threw the pots, the pans--hell, even the stove at this character. She only had the grace of God to get her through--and that was slipping a bit.

Tessie was a pastor, with a near perfect love. She had a doting husband with whom she made love to regularly, and two beautiful daughters walking the straight and narrow.

Miles, however, was a different story--without giving anything away--he was the biggest of messes. He was King Messy.

Lordt, I don't even know what is wrong with these men. Keep them in prayer.

Anyway, the story follows their semi-perfect life, and the woes, and I MEAN WOES, that they go through.
I'm not too impressed with the writing or the structure or set up of the novel but I was entertained enough to get through it with a few head shakes and laughs of disbelief.
If you are a lover of drama that rivals, Love and Hip Hop--this is the perfect read for you. Just know, you're only going to get 75 percent worth of book.

Yup, Sinovia you tried it. You owe me some change, sis. The last 25 percent of the book is a preview to another book.

You know you're wrong for that. Give me my change.

Oh, and the ending is a messy cliffhanger.  I don't know if there will be more books for these characters--but I'm sure there will be, without my looking--and Mona Scott Young, will want the rights to the drama.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Love Fades to Black (Rondell's Paradox) by Q.T. Kennedy


Love Fades to Black (Rondell's Paradox) by Q.T. Kennedy
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Young, brilliant, and sexy, Rondell Williams is a marketing agent on a meteoric rise, starting an artist management agency, Paradox Entertainment, which causes dissension between him and his soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend, India. 

As a newly available bachelor, he is thrust into the throes of a passionate partnership with his beautiful, Caucasian coworker, Victoria, which causes him great professional pains and personal tensions. He simultaneously begins an affair with his former trainee, Carmelita, a spicy Brazilian senorita and Victoria’s best friend. 

The plot thickens with an attempt on Rondell’s life. Is this attempt due to his hookups with Victoria and Carmelita, or is there some other diabolical scheme unfurling? Will he choose to bed them both, or will he end up with Victoria, the modelesque American girl next door or the sassy, sensual Brazilian bombshell Carmelita? And what about Phoebe, the sexually adventurous recording artist who has her mind set on experiencing Rondell’s erotic power? 

Can he balance his need for love and his passion for music or will his world come crashing down before he can build his empire?

Review + Rating
2 out of 5 stars
It took me more than a week to read this book and that's saying a lot.

No matter at what point in the day, no matter the mood--this book was hard to read. It wasn't because of grammar or anything like that--it simply was a hard to read the book--due to the subject matter, and the constant irritation it caused me.

This book was grossly unrealistic and rode the waves of stereotypes like a prize-winning stallion.

Rondell is at the top of his game with his job, he's with the love of his life--his music production/management business is taking off--things couldn't be better. That is until his girlfriend, India starts acting differently. She needs space and time--things he's not willing to give.

In steps the spicy Latina, the clueless white girl, and the hands-y soul-singer. 

All causing confusion during a "difficult," time for Rondell.

Look, let's be honest, yes, he just lost his girlfriend but his emotions are about as genuine as a 3 dollar bill. I just was not buying it. Maybe, I haven't been hurt enough, or maybe I just don't get it. I don't know. *shrugs shoulders* I just didn't care for his emotional outbursts; his reactions, his happiness--none of it.

But to be honest, Rondell wasn't even the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back for me. 

It was the fact, even if unknowingly or unintentionally--the book perpetuated stereotypes like it was its day job.

Let me explain, briefly, as briefly as I can.

The girlfriend is African American, one can assume from her description. But in comparison to the other women in the story, was loud, vocal, irrational, just everything people think black women are.

This is further reiterated when the main character becomes interested or starts dealing with the white girl, Victoria. 

Victoria is about as exciting as watching paint dry. She had no substance and her story was just...meh.

As we're introduced to her, she's malleable, soft-spoken, angelic (Victoria's secret angel, angelic to be exact--the author's description, not my own.) She's clueless to black culture and lingo--often providing us with the air-headed, white girl, I don't understand. But she somehow manages to be down, and grace us with her, "good money," at every unnecessary aggravating turn.

And there's also the spicy latina--who did everything in Spanish. She ate in Spanish--showcasing her cultural presence, with hard-to-pronounce meals. She danced in Spanish, sensually and latina-y. She also spoke in Spanish at every turn. Hell, she had sex in Spanish, with the papis and what not. It made its point and then some. She was vivacious, spicy--and Spanish--as much as she could possibly be.

While I got the point--it was too heavy-handed to be enjoyable. 

Without being too overly critical, this book got on my last nerves. It had some high points like the father and mother--whom I found to be quite hilarious. However, they couldn't save an already sinking ship. 

There is potential here--because the author did give us a story with an unexpected ending--but it's not executed well. It's executed rather stereotypically and over the top-y. 

I'm not entirely pleased with this one, and I'm just going to leave it at that. I'm no expert. Who are me?

If you like urban fiction with a whole lot of drama--and over the top romance, quadrangle--because a triangle is just not fitting--this book is perfect for you.

Enjoy it--because...yeah.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Inevitable Conclusions (Inevitable, #1) by Christina C Jones


Inevitable Conclusions (Inevitable, #1)
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For Kora and Tariq, those lines have been blurred for a long time. Every time clarity seems to be within reach, something shifts, and in a single moment, focus is lost. Once again, they’re in limbo.
Between them, there is only one secret, with the power to permanently alter their relationship. For good or bad, neither of them knows – nor are they willing to take that risk.
Through the pain of past tragedies and the pressure of current dramas, they always find solace in each other’s arms. Inescapably connected by the interminable bond of friendship, Tariq and Kora navigate family, life, and love, searching for separate answers to a problem that has only has one, unavoidable solution.

Review + Rating
4 out of 5 stars
Christina C Jones never ever does me wrong. Reading her books is like getting in a car, not knowing where you’re going, but having the time of your life regardless.

I never know what I’m going to get but I am always happy by the end.

I am all for the “fight for this and against this, romances—and this book was exactly that.

Tariq and Kora have been best friends since forever *in my Cardi B voice* They’ve been through every up and down life has to offer, together. They’ve even tried their hands at dating—thought that didn’t go well. Too young, too naive, not ready.

Now we’re on the precipice of their mutual forties. They’re both in their late thirties dancing around semi-serious relationships—and sex that never contains the passion or fire they find in the arms and bodies of the other.

But, nope—they’re not going down that road again. They’re better as friends—even though they’re both in complete and utter denial—that no one else will ever be good enough.

But they put up the good fight and I was here for every faux punch—and passionless argument.

Besides the fact that the romance is poppin’ in this one—and it's poppin.’ The chemistry and their connection are things we can only hope for on this earthly playing field—because let me tell you this relationship, finding love thing can be a game of the worst kind—but I digress.

I loved Tariq’s and Korea’s careers. It’s always a reminder how much I love seeing black people doing things—when I pick up a Christina C Jones book. Kora is in the theatre which I secretly adore. I love a good show.

Tariq is in finance after obtaining an injury that ends his football career prematurely.

They’re black magic personified—out here doing things.

Also their characters. Kora was headstrong, intelligent, open-minded and pretty. Tariq was business-minded, smooth, caring and a multi-layered character with a handsome outward appearance like icing on an already delicious cake,

I enjoyed watching the characters grow in their own right. As always I appreciated that though the book was heavily romance based—the characters were not lacking in depth and were easily able to stand on their own.

Nothing like two solid characters standing apart and then coming together. It’s like magic.

The book is well written per her usual. The romance is swoon-worthy and real. You honestly can’t go wrong with a Jones book—like having a bad week?—pick up a Jones book. Summers approaching? Grab that beach hat—and lay on that beach towel with a Jones book. In the mood for something solid and romantic?—pick up a Jones book. It’s perfect for any occasion, any mood and any kind of reader.

I can’t wait to dig into another one because I know as usual it won’t disappoint!