Thursday, July 19, 2018

Acting on Love (Lessons in Love, #2) by Te Russ--A Quickie Review


Acting on Love by Te Russ
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Starlet Roxanne "Rocki" Malone's has been in the spotlight lately for reasons she'd rather not have put on display. Desperate to find peace, she goes back her hometown of Ragston, Michigan. 

Seth Gardiner has been protecting Rocki for years, but there are some things even he can't shield her from. A careless slip of the tongue lands them in an unusual position and they both soon realize that there may be more than meets the eye when it comes to their relationship. 

*Note: This book is part of a collaborative series with Nicole Falls and Bailey West. 

* Warning: This book contains adult content including profane language, as well as AAVE. There is also sexual content. If any of these situations aren’t you cup of tea, this may not be the book for you.

Review + Rating
3 out of 5 stars
I have to be honest I was pretty disappointed that this wasn't wholly and solely a Nicole Falls series. Despite that this novel kept me pretty entertained. 

Rocki is a Hollywood starlet with a sordid scandal threatening to take everything she's worked so hard for. Seth is her bodyguard--he's determined to protect her by any means necessary.

I liked Rocki and Seth. Their romance was quick--kind of passionate, and solid. 

This wasn't my favorite of the two--but I definitely had fun with, especially with the family dynamic. 

I don't like meddling overbearing parents in my personal life--because if I want to live raggedy, I want to do so without my mother's watchful eye.

But, for some reason meddling, overbearing parents in books are like puppies to me. I find them so cute. 

Rocki's mother was adorable and so was her Dad. I actually would have liked more of them. I can think of a few parents from books that need their own spin-offs. But I digress. 

I don't really have much to say about this one. But, it was a quick read. It has just enough spice and romance to satisfy any reader. It's not as humorous as Nicole Falls' book one, but it's a good addition. 

I'd recommend it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

No Loyalty by De'Nesha Diamond & A'Zayler ARC Review


No Loyalty by De'Nesha Diamond & A'Zayler
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She's watching. She's planning. She's past done waiting. Klaudya Ramsey is out for revenge on her own mother. Nichelle seduced Klaudya's wealthy, disloyal husband, had her innocent daughter jailed—and stole her life. Now Klaudya plays on her mom's insatiable greed and her husband's gullibility to take them down hard. But a secret Klaudya never saw coming could turn her vengeful dream into an inescapable nightmare . . .
Their bond is unbreakable. They always have each other's backs—though that's the only thing identical twins Aiden and Kayden Lattimore have in common. So when hard-driving achiever Aiden accidentally gets in major-league trouble, Kayden does his brother's jail time for him. Too bad Aiden is taking care of Kayden's beautiful wife all too well. And now Kayden is about to teach Aiden a lesson in betrayal these brothers may not survive . 

Review + Rating
3 out of 5 stars

I have this love-hate relationship going on with urban fiction titles. As a teen, and even before that it was the book I stole away with, hiding from the watchful eye of my mother--who would not otherwise want me reading a book, where sex and crime were glorified, and almost omnipresent.

Now as an adult, when I pick these books up, there's always a sense of foreboding lingering. They often disappoint, are poorly written--and glorify a stereotype I for the life of me, want black people as a whole to escape from. Don't debate me.

This one was not any different than any of the other urban fiction books I've read--as far as being exactly the kind of urban story I've grown used to. Drug dealing, big-booty women, and all around foul living.

In book one, Nichelle and Klaudya are at odds. They have the kind of mother-daughter relationship I would hope and pray no one has. Nichelle was a young mother--who grew jealous and wanton of her daughter's Richie rich lifestyle. It causes a rift between them, an even bigger rift than what was already present.

I'll give it to the book, it was suspenseful, because I for one, had no idea of what was going to come next--and although I wouldn't classify the book as mystery or thriller--it was definitely thrilling.

Without giving anything away the ending had me shooketh--because one it happens abruptly (I have a little gripe with the quick ending) and two you don't expect it at all, and it leaves all of these unanswered questions. You won't be getting an answer to them, but it doesn't leave you unsatisfied, just curious.

Book two--I laugh because it is urban fiction at its peak. The women are gorgeous and blessed bodily. I don't care if that's the proper way of putting it. That's how I'm saying it.

Twins, Kayden, and Aiden are hardcore--ride or die brothers. If one is in trouble, the other is swooping in with an S on his chest, and saving the other--and vice versa. It was both heartwarming and disturbing--the lengths they would go to protect each other. But, I digress. Who are me to judge?

Taking the heat for an incident Aiden finds himself in, Kayden is doing a bid for his brother. His girlfriend just had a baby--and she's furious he left her, and their infant behind. Aiden steps in out of guilt--and finds himself caught up. But, no worries, Jessica, the girlfriend's cousin, Bronx steps right up to the plate--getting on everyone's nerves but Kayden's in the process.

The book is written well, even if it is predictable and stereotypical urban fiction.

I wouldn't chuck the book across the room, so that's saying a lot. I wouldn't go to the tops of any mountains to sing the praises about it.

But it's a decent duo with enough entertainment to keep the reader intrigued. It's worth reading if only for that.


Thursday, July 12, 2018

'Til Morning by B. Love


I Want to Belong To You by Asia Monique
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Three nights. 
Two lovers. 
One weekend that will change their lives forever. 

For Latimore Hart, nothing is more important than his singleness and money. When he decides to spend the weekend at Decadence, an exclusive twenty-one and up hotel in Memphis, the last thing he expects is to find a woman capable of keeping his interest. In his mind, three days is more than enough time for him to share himself with any woman, but when he meets Dana… everything changes. 

Dana Green lost a bet with her best friend. Her punishment? To spend the weekend at Decadence. Her original plan was to spend her entire trip in her room, but a late check in leads to Latimore sliding into her vision, arms, and maybe even her heart. 

At the start of their weekend together, Latimore and Dana both agree that they will part ways and never see each other again when it’s over. Will that be the case, or will they break the only rule at Decadence and continue their affair long after Sunday morning arrives?

Review + Rating
3 1/2 out of 5 stars
You already know what it is. Don't act brand new. LOL.

If B. Love drops it, you know I'm reading it.

Don't fret. This will be quick.

You're not going to get much in this one, and I mean not much at all. You'll start, you'll blink and it will be over with.

Dana is at this hotel, a hotel for sex--because of a bet she lost with her best friend.

It's there on her way out that she bumps into Latimore--literally.

He won't let her go. He's literally standing in her way--and although he's just a stranger, there's a magnetic pull--bringing the two together.

A weekend is all they've promised each other.

Ladies, and gents--this is a sex novel. Granted the book is about 8,000 words--there is a lot packed into it besides the sex--although that's the meat of it.

B. Love manages yet again to give us just a taste of something, leaving us wanting for me--and leaving us behind like a well-sexed one-night stand.

She's going to leave you satisfied, but sis, you might not get all of what you want.

You do get to know Latimore, and Dana fairly well for the novelette to be so short. It's a mini novelette. You understand Latimore a little more, and Dana gets a nice introduction.

The author says in the book, it's the last of these brothers--so don't go bothering her for more. Leave that to me. I ain't too proud to beg. LOL.

Anywho, for 99 cents, you get a pretty solid chapter length novel--that will give you enough to whet your appetite--and then you can follow it up with some other B. Love books.

Solid characters for its length, steamy, chemistry-laden sex, and a happily ever after ending--you can't go wrong.

Grab you one.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

I Want to Belong To You by Asia Monique--It was Alright or Whatever.


I Want to Belong To You by Asia Monique
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A Captive Hearts spin-off! Reading Captive Hearts is not a requirement but will give you a full understanding of this story. Valerie Duncan hides her damaged soul with ease. She is always the laughing, bright smile wearing, and fiery personality everyone knows her to be, but deep inside, she is everything but that. A failed relationship and a body that couldn't take a pregnancy to full term causes her to make a promise to herself to never fall in love again. She is able to keep that promise, until in the midst of family drama, in walks Noah. Noah Peterson is the epitome of a southern man with southern charm, and being a cop in the gritty city of Detroit doesn't take that away from him. He's working hard in a new position in a new city, but when his friend, Jasiah, unintentionally introduces him to Valerie, his focus begins to shift. Valerie is everything he's ever wanted in a woman, but she's doesn't want anything to do with him... until she finds out that his job has become a danger to him. Then she finds herself wanting to protect him, even when she knows she can't. Can he win Valerie over while dealing with all the other drama in his life? Or has he bit off more than he can chew?

Review + Rating
3  out of 5 stars
I'm disappointed.

This book had all the potential to be a five star read, but reaching and clean cut scenarios killed it.

Noah and Valerie have been playing a game of cat and mouse for more than a year. Despite not having been able to catch her, Noah is determined to make Valerie his, by any means necessary--even if it means waiting another year, or two, or ten.

Don't worry you won't wait that long--which was essentially apart of the problem.

Love doesn't need to be hard but when its too easy, it doesn't read well.

Noah chased Valerie for an entire year, and in a matter of pages gave in, just as easily. It didn't come off as very realistic, or even rational on behalf of the author.
Make the chase seem like it was that, a chase.

Little Miss Val, toyed with Noah for a year, only to be okay'ing him just too easy.

Which leads me to my issue with the book as a whole. There was a lot of reaching (see: doing too much, where it is uncalled for, also known as team too much.)

When things just start falling into place like it was never wrong, but it was--I lose my patience and enjoyment as quickly as some of these characters call in love.

I'm all for happily ever after. What I don't is forced conflict that should shatter a situation, fixed in a matter of pages.

Example: Noah and Val are on a date, and just at the end of the date--a black lives matter-esque killing happens before their very eyes, and a secret is exposed in an unbelievable manner.
Then it just so happens the victims mother, lives down the street from Valerie's mother and is at the house when Valerie comes to visit.

That's far too convenient. It wasn't natural and felt forced. You can make fetch happen.
Anyway regardless of that, I did like the book--even though it dangled between being unnatural and romantic. The romance often time won out.

Readers will especially like the gentle way Noah deals with Valerie. His patience is warming, and his immediate love for Valerie and his obvious care for her needs will make him a quick book boyfriend.

Valerie is no slouch, running her own real estate business, and being an all-around boss.
Together they definitely give something to look forward to.

The supporting characters were just as fun, a mouthy supporting sister, a daddy niece, and errant parents helped to progress this story forward.

While I wasn't in love with this one--the bad did not outweigh the good. It's worth reading and for those of you that like your romance as neat as possible, this is perfect for you.

No moments of tension, or banter to get through.

Needs work, but worth reading. Three solid stars.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Just Say You Love Me by B. Love


Just Say You Love Me by B. Love
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Luana Berry’s plate is full. Not only is she juggling two jobs and an internship, but she’s doing so while maintaining a 3.8 GPA at the most expensive private school in Memphis, TN. Just a few months away from being the first college graduate in her family, Luana plans to continue her education and become a Lawyer. There’s just one thing standing in the way of her dreams – her brother, Lucas Berry.

Jaxon Jeffries’ plate is full. Not only does he have his own investment firm, but he’s also on the city council and running for mayor. When his parents suggest that he take a wife to soften his image and show his loving, compassionate side to voters, Jaxon is against it – until he saves Lucas Berry in exchange for the chance to have his sister Luana.

With Lucas being the reason Luana had the opportunity to even attend college, she feels obligated to help her brother during his time of need. So much so that when the choice is his freedom or her singleness she agrees to stand by Jaxon’s side as his wife.

Jaxon and Luana have one goal – to prove to the world that they love each other before election day. Neither desire real love, especially from each other, but the more time they spend together the more they realize love is no respecter of persons, time, deals and enemies made, or hearts that intend to be saved. 

Review + Rating
3 1/2 out of 5 stars
I've grown somewhat used to B. Love giving me these unconventional couples--with love that shouldn't make a lick of sense but does.

This story is unconventional in her normal way--but it felt pre-destined in a way I hadn't gotten from this author until now. It was more romantic than the previous books I've read--and I was semi unprepared for it. Not disappointed, unprepared.

Luana is your average girl--in that she's a woman in college with a dream. With only her brother at her side due to dysfunctional upbringing, Luana is used to and fine with it being just the two of them.

But a happenstance meeting with upcoming mayor hopeful, Jaxon--and a change in the dynamic of her brother-sister relationship changes the course of her life.
For one, I love characters that can co-exist outside of a growing romance. Co-dependency is not cute, my friends.

Luana and Jaxon had lives of their own--and with each other, they only bettered the other.
Luana had a lot of personal issues but she never fell into the annoying, shiny trope--a lot of romance female, mc's fall into.

Jaxon, on the other hand, was power and pride in black human form. He was what you want your political figures to be--willing, ready and able to do for his people by any means necessary.

I was pleased with the characters themselves and happy with the pacing of their growing love.

It was romantic  and had the right amount of drama to stay from being too one-dimensional. *See gold-digging ex, and smothering Mother.*

Readers will enjoy this read from the beloved B. Love. Honey, if you don't consider B. Love one of your faves, what are you even doing with your life?

Anyway, again just the right amount of love, drama, and spice to keep you reading from beginning to end.