Thursday, February 14, 2019

His Only Valentine (The Spies Who Loved Her Interlude) by Katrina Jackson


His Only Valentine (The Spies Who Loved Here Interlude) by Katrina Jackson
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Kenny, the Asian-American spy, has been dating Maya, the fat Black cam model, for a few months. He used to be the kind of guy who didn’t put anything above his job and his ambition to become the best spy at The Agency. (Or second best spy, next to his idol.) But now that he’s managed to take his relationship with Maya offline, he’s finding it difficult to imagine that anything could ever be more important than coming home to her every night.

Maya can’t believe that her life is this good. Her cam channel is doing great, her savings account has a tiny bit of padding, and she has a great boyfriend who treats her like a queen and makes her blush more than ever before in her life. But she doesn’t have a great history with relationships and the upcoming fake holiday has her nervous that this is all too good to be true.

On their first Valentine’s Day together, Kenny and Maya want to make the day perfect, even when they’re forced to abandon their original plans and fly to Hong Kong to protect a foreign diplomat from a possible assassination attempt. Along the way, the two begin to realize that maybe their honeymoon phase is so good because this is what real love feels like. And it’s even better than they dreamed.

His Only Valentine is an interlude in The Spies Who Loved Her series. These erotic romantic suspense stories are about sexy secret agents and the civilians who bring them to their knees. This story would make the most sense if you read Private Eye first.
I spent my post valentine’s day in one of my favorite places; between the pages of a Katrina Jackson novel.

Intrigue and sex met me at the door; while the romance and confessions of love bid me adieu.

Kenny and Maya are back. It's their first Valentine’s Day together. The holiday is filled with a lot of firsts for the couple.

Kenny has special plans for them. He wants to give Maya a Valentine's Day she'll never forget.

Maya hasn't had a pleasant Valentine's Day yet. But she’s ready to celebrate it with Kenny--even though he won't tell her what they're doing--much to Maya’s chagrin.

Their holiday plans are thwarted, when Monica calls him in for a job. But, he's bringing Maya on this business trip--determined to make the best of the holiday no matter what. As a result, readers are treated to sensuous sex, and spy games galore.

I don't think I'll ever tire of these characters and their shenanigans. What I love most about
this Erotica series is that its multi-layered. You not only get thirst inducing sex, but: emotions back story and a plot that's easy to get invested in.

I love Jackson for pushing the narrative that plus-sized women can be poppin', too. Everyone deserves love, no matter the size.

There's not much to say. The novel is what I've grown used to from this author: great writing, witty characters, and hot sex. You get what you paid for and then some.

I have no qualms about this book; aside from I want more. Another great from an author that has made her way on my favorites list.

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