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A Real Kind of Love (Four Letter Word, #1) by Bella Jay: Where Is The Love?


A Real Kind of Love (Four Letter Word, #1)
by Bella Jay
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Avelyn Russell didn’t do love. Never did, never wanted to and as far as she was concerned, never would. She lives her life proud to hold the title as the ‘break up queen’ and for never letting love get her caught up in being an advocate of false hope fairytales. But her extreme methods to avoid love are put to the test by the one person able to tap into her cold little heart and Avelyn has no clue how to handle it.

Dasiah Stokes - charming, handsome, and not afraid of love. The complete opposite of Avelyn and the moment he reveals his true feelings for her, she bolts leaving him to fight for their love. He’s willing to do just that - until he’s not, leaving them both to figure out if it is or isn’t the end of their love story. 

Follow Avelyn on her journey as she finds the true meaning of love.
Coming off of the high of Power I was eager to try another book from this author. 

I hate to say it, but this wasn't my favorite.

Avelyn is bitter towards love. She's scorned from the absence of her mother. She vows never to fall victim to love; like her mother and sister. However, love has a way of finding you when you least expect it. Avelyn found love; in a man named Dasiah.

Their love was full of angst, arguments, and anger. I understood Avelyn's hesitation toward love, but her anger at times felt unwarranted.

It was tough to empathize with Avelyn, but I tried.

The romance in this book, at least for the first 60-70%, is nil. The novel is less about love and more about these human beings figuring things out. They're learning to love and love properly. I like stories of growth; but I expected more romance--which I did not get. That was disappointing.

I didn't find myself as invested in the characters as I would have liked. They were okay, but it wasn't there for me.

Don't get me wrong; I still think this author is something to see. I wouldn't count her out by any means. I just wasn't as taken in with this story; as I was with Power. (I highly recommend Power. If you haven't read my review for it--check it out!)

Recommended for romance readers that enjoy their romance novels, light on the romance and heavy on character development.

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