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Private Eye (The Spies Who Loved Her, Book #2) by Katrina Jackson


Private Eye (The Spies Who Loved Her, Book # 2) by Katrina Jackson
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Every Thursday night Kenny logs into Maya's cam room for a private, steamy session that leaves them both giddy, breathless and hungry for more. Their online relationship is complicated. She's a sex worker and he's her client. He's a spy and she was once his surveillance subject. Technically there are only two degrees of separation between them, but only Kenny knows that. What works online could never work in the real world, right? That's why they have to hide - even from each other - that their feelings run much deeper than they should. 
When Kenny finally gets the chance to train under Monica, this career-defining opportunity comes with a catch: he has to tell Maya who he is and confess his deception because the spies need her help to bring down an international arms ring. 
Maya is heartbroken to find out that Kenny has been deceiving her for months. She struggles to reconcile the man she used to fantasize about and the one in front of her. But she agrees to help him for one reason: she needs the money. Or at least that's what she tells herself. 
The entire mission hinges on the two being a believable couple in Maya's cam room to lure an Albanian mobster into a trap. In the process, they find that their online connection is even stronger offline. But is it strong enough to keep them alive when they have to walk into the mobster's lair and put on the performance of their lives? 

Private Eye is the second book in The Spies Who Loved Her series. These erotic romantic suspense novels are about sexy secret agents and the civilians who bring them to their knees.
 4.5 out of 5 stars
One of the things I love about Katrina Jackson as a writer is that she doesn’t even know how good she is. Humbled writers tend to write the best books and they don’t even know it.

This addition to the series was just as fun as the first book if not more fun. It was also just as sexy if not *ahem* *clears throat* sexier. Think Fifty Shades of James Bond--but classier and way less misogynistic (I'm referring to Fifty Shades when I say that, of course.)

I don’t know what it is but these books have drawn me in like a siren—and I don’t want to be set free. Serenade me, sweet siren, serenade me.

Maya is a feisty BBW in love with her body and her life. She’s a cam girl with plans to take over streaming, become one of the top girls and pay off the damn bills that won’t seem to go away.

She’s uninhibited and open to do just about anything but her favorite part of the job is MasquerAsiaN—the faceless charmer that she adores spending her Thursday’s with. She’s never seen him but she’s low key into him more than she lets on.

That is until she finds out he’s been lying about who he is and what he does for a living. He works under her best friend and roommate’s bosses—and they need Maya to complete their next mission.

With money on the table, Maya agrees but that’s the only reason why the only reason. At least that’s what she tells herself.

But MasquerAsiaN’s looks are all that she’s imagined and then some, and if he keeps looking at her like that—they were going to have more problems than the Albanian mobster on their hands.

I love Kierra, Monica, and Lane but I loved Maya and Kenny just as much.

These characters are so easy to like and even easier to get invested in. Their stories are solid and hold up well throughout the story alongside the others and outside of them—which is no easy feat. It’s often likely for stories that have multiple main characters that one or two characters stand out more so than the others while the rest kind of fade into the background. That is not the case here. I cared about all of them and could and would read any of their stories.

Not only that, outside of the tumultuous relationships, the real story, and the plot never get lost underneath the pressure of the budding relationships or the hot sex scenes—and Chile though there aren’t many actual sex scenes the sexy moments pack enough punch to not miss them where they don’t exist. 

*fans self* Is it hot in here, or is just this book?

Kat knows exactly what she’s doing here—and I’m convinced that she could do no wrong.

There is action and intrigue weaved throughout the story playing at the forefront but not overtaking the story completely—so you care about the characters and the mission’s resolution. It’s well-written and perfectly paced. It’s funny and the dialogue is utterly engaging. 

I couldn’t imagine this story going any differently. It’s perfectly perfect as it is.

Jackson never disappoints and her novels are a total mood. You’ll love these characters and this series—and you’ll be left pining for more—as am I.

This series has a lot more coming to it and I honestly can’t wait. I highly recommend this, but do yourself a favor and read book one first, your enjoyment will be heightened for the coming books and you’ll thank me later. 

I’ll be waiting for you. ;)

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  1. I've seen so much about this book on Twitter. I just need to give it a try. Sounds like she's a hit of an author with you!

    1. She's amazing and I wish more people read her. Her stuff is good!