Thursday, January 31, 2019

Give Me Something I Can Feel by B. Love


Give Me Something I Can Feel by B. Love
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Charlie White is probably the most bubbly, charismatic, and friendly person one could ever meet. After getting a second chance at life via a new heart, Charlie vowed to make the most out of life – no matter what cards she has been given. 

Knight Carver is probably the most angry, guarded, and anti-social person one could ever meet. After losing his mother because of diabetes complications, Knight vowed to never lose another person he loved – he detached himself from the rest of his family completely. 

When Knight returns to Memphis during the NBA off season, his 16-year-old pregnant sister needs all the help she can get. Charlie’s bedside service for expecting mothers is just the help Knight and Harlem both need. 

Although he fights it, Charlie’s personality and beautiful smile immediately melt Knight’s stone heart. He refuses to let her or anyone else know that, though. It doesn’t matter how attracted to her he is, or how drawn to her he finds himself, Knight has no plans of loving someone only to have them ripped from his hands like his mother was. 

Because of their meeting, one of their hearts will be changed forever. Charlie has the chance to use her love to give Knight something he hasn’t felt in years, or allow the stress of his pessimistic attitude to damage the heart she waited anxiously for. That’s what love does, you know? It fills you with empowering strength, or makes you devastatingly weak. 

What will be the outcome for these two? 

In this book, it was less about the story and more about the meaning.
The underlying love of God and love of love and the love of one’s self makes this novel stand out.

Of course, I loved Charlie and Knight, who wouldn’t? But it’s what was weaved throughout the story that endeared the story to my heart.

Knight lost his Mom at a young age. It caused him to lose his faith, his ability to love, and it had him running from the only family he had left.

 Charlie is all sunshine and bubbles but life hasn’t always been good to her. Heart problems almost took Charlie out but by the grace of God and through a random stranger's kindness—she has a second chance at life.

With a budding business, and a heart of gold—Charlie through a teenage pregnancy captures the heart of Knight—the anti-social, gentle not-so-gentle giant—and what we’re left with is a love that will touch even the hardest heart of readers.

I liked this story—B. Love has written some decent stories, and this is no different. 

A slow-building but obvious romance, a spunky soon-to-be teen mom, and a couple dead set against love made this story enjoyable to read. 

Love that takes effort and is not easy makes for the best kind of romance novels. I’d take a hard slow build over a quick satisfactory insta-love novel any day. 

The conflict comes very close to the end of the novel—though the characters give us some push back, you don’t have to deal with a lot of useless or ongoing arguing—which is a plus in my book.

Though this is not my favorite of Love’s, it was worth reading and I feel invested enough to read Harlem’s story—which comes after this, so that’s a win.

Short version: Slow-build romance. Two bleeding hearts meet, a pregnant teen eggs the two on, familial issues lead to conflict, love brings a resolution, and a baby brings the happy ending.

Recommended for romance lovers.

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  1. Glad this was a stand out read for you even if it wasn't completely perfect. ;)