Monday, February 4, 2019

Honeydew (Southern Seduction Book One) By S. Taylor ARC Review: Put Some Respect on This Book's Name


Honey Dew (Southern Seduction Book One) by S. Taylor
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Clarisse Jordan is a young single mother, who after the death of her fiancé, poured blood, sweat, and tears into her business, Honeydew Café, to provide for her children. A catering gig for successful and super sexy Dylan Price is the opportunity of a lifetime. But she quickly learns that Mr. Price is interested in more than her Southern cuisine. He has his sights set on her. 
Dylan has been in love with Clarisse for years and would do anything to have her—even if it means forcing her into marriage. Lucky for him, the instant chemistry between them is hotter than a mid-summer day beneath the Georgia sun. 
Yet Dylan is not completely honest with Clarisse, and when she learns the painful truth, will their love affair end? Or will they be able to find their way back to each other?
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The exclamation of this novel as insta-love is a little off the mark. I suppose you could say the relationship part of the book happens fairly quickly, but actual declarations of love don’t come until much later.

Insta-love is more than instant attraction, or instant lust, which is more of what’s found in Honeydew’s beginning.

Clarisse is a woman on a mission to make a name for herself and her business. After the death of her fiancée, she simply wants to live her life and make sure her kids are taken care of. But, Dylan Price has other plans—plans to bed and wed her, even if the wedding comes by coercing force.

What becomes of their love was more meaningful than I expected. I was concerned by the vigilance in which Dylan pursued Clarisse, especially with it being so painstakingly similar to the book I read last week. I found that the character’s particular (very similar) attempts at courting disturbing. (The other book, not this one.) What makes the two different is the underlying respect and love that forces Dylan to forge ahead in a manner that is not necessarily becoming of him. But he seems genuine, even if his behavior speaks differently. I don’t believe in his motives, but the outcome makes up for his shortcomings.

Starting off at a point of instant attraction worked for this novel instead of against it. 

The novel is well-written and is paced really well, which is why I truly believe labeling this as insta-love is a fair warning but doesn’t give the novel what it’s due. 

Solid characters—but, I could have done with more background on Dylan and Clarisse, but the novel holds up pretty well despite a lack of in-depth back story. 

I’m pleased with this as a first-read from this author. My feelings about it are solid, and the HEA was satisfactory. A decent novel with an author worth trying.