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Thief by B. Love: The Thief Comes Only to Steal Kill and Destroy


Thief by B. Love
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Thief: A person who steals another person's property, especially by stealth and without using force or violence. 
Luca Kareem and Riana Santee made an exchange a little over eight years ago - a heart for a heart. 
Riana had no problem relinquishing her heart to Luca, but Luca preferred spreading his love and his body thinly to almost every attractive woman he came in contact with. After a year of warring for a place in his heart, Riana finally gives up, but when Luca leaves her, he takes her heart with him. 
Riana Santee and Herbert Jacks made an exchange a little under seven years ago - a life for a life. 
Herbert had no problem-saving Riana's life, knowing that one day, she'd be able to return the favor in the most lethal way. She'd become a heartless, emotionally detached hit-woman, stealing the hearts of men on her path just for fun. It's when Riana chooses to leave her life of crime that Herbert decides to cash in on that last lethal favor. 
When Luca and Riana's paths cross again, Riana has the opportunity to not only reclaim her heart but stop Luca's as well. There's just one problem; the Luca of now is not the Luca from back then. This Luca has the ability to not only return Riana's heart but make her love him twice as deeply with it as well. Will Riana finally receive her revenge, or will she end up losing more than she ever thought was possible because of her love for Luca Kareem? 
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Romance Factor:Image result for four star rating
Steam Factor:Image result for three  star rating

I’ve grown somewhat used to or expectant of these emotional tales from Love. 
I love her overall penchant for emotionally charged reads that bring to the forefront, faith, 
love (relationship, friendship or paternal) and self-love.

Riana was just a girl on a path to love with a man not quite ready to give it to her. So, instead
of being led to a life of children, love and new beginning she’s left without all of that and 
a heart set on destroying men in her wake—thus creating the Femme Fatale.

Luca gave Riana his heart. He might have hurt her in the process, but she would always 
have his heart, even if he wasn’t ready to fully give himself up.

Their powerful and sometimes toxic love turned them into people they hardly
recognized and what the reader gets, as a result, is a tale of love that is dangerous, 
even deadly—one that the ending is not expected.

I liked this story, though I’m going, to be honest, I hate the word Pooh as a term of 
endearment. Give me the basics, baby, sweetheart even honey. But, Luca referring to
 Riana as his Pooh often and for me, it took some of the “punch” the lines could have had.
That’s a personal thing, if you don’t mind the off-brand nicknames then go forth 
and prosper(read).

Outside of that, I liked the emotional tug and the second chance at love this book displayed.
Secondary characters seemed insignificant in the grand scheme of the story. I can hardly
 remember them, that is outside of the sweet little girl that takes to Riana because she 
reminds her of a fairy.

Emotional, quick-moving and to the point, Thief is B. Love’s usual caliber of a novel,
 one that desires to stir up the emotions and get you excited for love and happy endings.

I loved the quotes and lyrics at the beginning of each section,  they served to further each 
chapters depth and to make the small interlude a nice place to prep for what lies ahead.

This was closer to my faves from her (Will U Still Want Me and In Due Time in terms of
characters and emotion. 

Recommended to readers that love their romance with a contemporary hood flair.


  1. This sounds like it can be really good or really cliche. But the fact that it doesn't have the hood flair makes me want to read it.

    Great review!

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