Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Bad Boy I Love Dual by B. Love Series Review :Urban Fiction for The Grown and Sexy


The Bad Boy I Love B. Love
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All of Chenille Abrams' dreams came true the day she married NFL star Brayden Carpenter. He's the down-to-earth, loving, and protective man she never thought she'd find. And with her own successful career, Chenille plans to be more than just a famous athlete's wife. She's determined to balance work, marriage, and motherhood, as the couple awaits their first child . . .

Until their son is born with a crippling heart ailment. Until a devastated Brayden starts putting his career above everything else. And when tragedy strikes, Chenille struggles to find a reason to go on--as Brayden takes comfort from anywhere but home . . .

Little by little, Chenille picks up the pieces as she and Brayden try to make their marriage work once more. But when he fathers a baby that the mother can't keep, will this be the final blow? Or can they find a way past betrayal into unexpected hope--to at last have a future worth 


The Bad Boy I Love 2 B. Love
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For Misery, things just keep getting worse. No matter how much money he makes and success he sees, he consistently finds himself surrounded by darkness. Thankfully, Isla enters his life and becomes the light he needs to make his way through. As things get better for him, Isla’s life gets shaken in the most unexpected way. 

Chaos has only one goal – to be a better father than his father. Though Carmen isn’t his first pick for the mother of his child, he’s devoted to doing all he can to make sure his baby has the family he never did. When Carmen becomes his main priority, business and personal relationships suffer – including the one he’s trying to build with Fiona. 

What happens when the most lethal man in the streets is cornered by the woman he hurt? Gunner finds himself staring down the barrel of a gun. His gun. Being held by the person he least expected to ever come for him. In seconds, everyone in the room becomes victim to April’s need to avenge her shattered heart. Will Gunner be able to make his way out alive, or will he become the first man on April’s payback list? 

Misery, Chaos, and Gunner all get a taste of the rewards and risks of loving a good woman. There is one goal in this riveting two-part series, all three men must ask themselves… can a bad boy truly love a good woman the way she needs to be loved? 

Series Review 
3 out of 5 stars
As an urban fiction snob, I’ve found some comfort in B. Loves Urban fiction titles.

I’ve grown into a somewhat more reformed reader, titles like Pastor’s Side Bish, and Drug Dealer: Part 3 he dies, don’t appeal to the 30-something-year-old me. 

But there is a new crop of urban fiction titles and authors that have taken to better writing and transformed what I remember urban fiction to be.

While there’s still some weeding that needs to be done, I’ve changed my mind on it, just a bit.

B. Love’s UF has given me something to escape to that’s just as appealing as Monday’s episode of Love and Hip Hop whatever city is on at the time. Giving just enough street and drama to please the reader, but not turning those of us off that are kind of over these books. 

Told from multiple points of view, The Bad Boy I love Parts one and two were engaging and good for absent-minded reading. Sometimes you want to snuggle up with a book that entertains you but doesn’t have a lot to it. No thinking is needed. I needed that.

Misery, Chaos, Gunner, Fiona lovingly known as Fe, Isla the model-baddie and the later introduced Genisi, along with its supporting cast of bad girlfriends and irritating baby mama’s the story packed a lot into it.

Though it was a lot of people to follow it never hindered the reading and I was never confused enough to have to backtrack to remember who was who, the flow was effortless and timely.

Love does that she gets you to care about her characters, in a way you don’t expect.

Though her contemporary romances will always be my jam, her urban fiction titles often do what they set out to do—giving us street with backstory, and romance that is almost saucy enough to be rated NSFW.

 The sex scenes are descriptive and spicy, to say the least.

The relationships develop quickly but hold solid in both books. 

They cannot be read separately though, but a two-book series is far more reasonable than some of the thirteen-book series that are out there. Not to mention they’re less than 300-pages a piece, easy reading.

I would recommend starting with this author’s new adult-ish romances first but if your tastes are a little more street, this is a decent place to start.

Drama with realistic conflict, troublesome baby mamas, men on the path to do the right thing, saucy sex, and a semi-happily ever after.

What more can you ask for?


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