Thursday, August 23, 2018

Bae Watch (A Novella) by Tina Martin


Bae Watch (A Novella) by Tina Martin
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He couldn’t help but follow her. He wanted her back. She was his. She would ALWAYS be his. No one else’s. 

Kenzo followed his estranged wife Kira to Johns Island, South Carolina. He’s on vacation and with a new outlook on life, he’s looking to renew and rekindle what he and Kira once had. But after two years of separation, that could be a long shot. 

Kira has moved on with her life, learned to live without her husband who ‘checked out’ on her a year after they married. Now, he seems to be following her around the beach, hinting that he misses her. She can’t help but notice he’s a different person – physically, he’s in shape, has muscles for days – so different than he looked before. Mentally, he’s confident – sure of himself. But she can’t see what he’s hiding in his heart – the pain of losing her. Can one week in paradise bring these two back together? 

*This is a 22,000 word standalone novella – a second chance romance. If reading novellas are not your preference and you prefer longer, in-depth works, you may want to skip this one and check out other novels from Tina Martin Publications.*

3 out of 5 stars
If you’re a second-chance romance lover, Bae Watch is the book for you.

Kenzo was overweight and unmotivated. Kira was in love but overdone, tired of trying to motivate the unmotivated—she and Kenzo split as a result.

While I’m a little disappointed by the way the relationship ended, Kenzo was one step ahead of me and determined to get his wife back.

Out on a beachy paradise, Kenzo executes his moves to win Kira over—despite her resistance. He is determined to have what he believes is his—with his new body and a new outlook on life motivating and backing him.

I admire a man that can pull up his pants and do what needs to be done to better himself. A man with a plan is a very attractive one. 

Kira wasn’t as easy to like. I can’t sit here and honestly say if my husband checked out I’d be able to keep pushing myself to continue to motivate him but I’d like to think that I would. I kind of feel like Kira gave up when it got hard and she deserved or owed it to herself to put up a little more fight but I digress.

I enjoyed watching Kenzo attempts to get his wife back. I'm all about the chase--even if it's for the second time. 

Readers will look forward to this second-chance romance and the love that eventually shines through.

A pretty decent novella--worth snatching up for 2.99 as an e-book.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed this even if you didn't always love Kira. ;) Great honest review!