Tuesday, March 10, 2020

One Last Chance by Therese "Make You Laugh and Swoon" Beharrie

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One Last Chance by Therese Beharrie
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Of all the charity events in all of Cape Town, Zoey Roux had to bump into her husband at this one

Six years ago, Zoey Roux secretly married her best friend Sawyer. But all that did was destroy the best relationship she’s ever had. They went their separate ways, but Zoey never could go through with a divorce. Seeing him again at her sister’s charity event is a shock, but also enlightening: no matter how much she still loves him, it’s time to let him go.

Zoey was Sawyer Wilson’s first love. She broke his heart, but his feelings never died. Love was never their issue—only timing. Seeing her again is a shock: in a perfect world, she would run back into his arms. Instead, she’s asking for a divorce.

But a lot can happen in twenty-four hours: old wounds can heal, first loves can be reunited. And a second chance might just lead to happily ever after.
Suffused with charm and wit, One Last Chance hits all the right marks with pin-point accuracy. 
Six years ago, Zoey married her best friend. They spent a blissful three months together and went their separate ways. Now, Sawyer is at her sister's charity event shaking her to her core. He was her first everything, and now he might be her first ex-husband. 
Therese has a way of writing novels that are wholly mature, but youthful without all the infantile moments of miscommunication and immaturity that sometimes pops up in the romance genre. I'm looking at you New Adult. (Some of it. Don't argue with me, argue with your Mama) She does all of this while making us laugh, swoon and cry. It's a gift I wish she'd share with the rest of us. 
When I started reading this book, I had a hard time pulling myself away. I read the book when I shouldn't and could not pull away when I should have. It's laugh-out-loud funny, mature and sexy. People are always calling halfway lackluster couples goals because their insta profile looks great, Zoey and Sawyer are goals because they adulted their way through their broken relationship and they did so while entertaining us. 
If I hadn't had to pull away from this novel more than halfway through (life obligations), I would have been able to pull at the emotions I felt while reading this and put them in this review.
The pacing was just right, though it is very much a slow-burn, so if that's not your thing, you suck, slow burn is the bomb. Seriously, if you don't like the wait, be warned. This couple is working through some major things, and any good writer will allow that to take time. 
It was deliciously slow and every moment that I had to wait to get the satisfying ending I craved was worth it. The family dynamic was on point, the romance was most definitely on point. Therese can do no wrong in my book and her books are the type of books you want to return to again and again. 

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