Friday, January 17, 2020

Just One More (A Valentine's Day Novella) by Jodie Slaughter Quickie ARC Review

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Just One More (A Valentine's Day Novella) by Jodie Slaughter
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Tattoo artist Whitney Harris loves Valentine’s Day.

The bright colors, giant hearts, and sugary sweet coating that seems to cover the world on February 14th make her feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy inside. She may be more festive than the average person, but her plans for her long weekend are pretty tame. As long as she gets to stay in her bed, marathon a ton of romantic movies, and eat at least three of her favorite pink heart cupcakes, she’ll count it as a win. The very last thing she expects is for a handsome stranger to completely upend all of that.

The only thing Victor Grant enjoys more than being a barber is Valentine’s Day.

For him, it’s all about the experience of romance and the possibility of forever. The man loves love and he’s determined to be apart of his own great love story someday. Even if that means taking a few losses along the way when things don’t work out. Just when he thinks his Valentine’s Day has turned into a total bust, a beautiful stranger crashes into his life and suddenly makes his long weekend a lot more interesting.

A near-disastrous first meeting brings them together, but with both chemistry and desire running high, one sexy night together doesn’t feel nearly enough like true satisfaction. 
*A special thanks to the author for this review copy. This freely supplied copy does not affect my opinion.*

Just One More is a perfectly fitting story for the holiday it’s penned after.

Victor and Whitney are the types of soft/hard cuties that romance readers will enjoy. Set with the toughened backdrop of my hometown of NYC, the pair softened the pages and spiced them up all the same. 

Vic is a barber with a big heart. Whitney is a hard-shelled beauty who just wants to spend her Valentine’s day traditionally. But an Uber ride brings the unlikely pair together for a ride they won't soon forget.

Slaughter does a good job of creating a set of characters that not only differed but complemented each other in their differences. Though I’m not normally a soft hero fan, Vic’s love-willing self worked his way into my heart. Along with Whitney, who was truly his perfect match. 

The story is as spicy as it is sweet. Slaughter didn't hold back on the technicalities and the action of the sex. It's all supplied in vivid detail.

This one-night stand stretched just as long as it should have, and the happy ending was perfectly fitting. It’s a warm and sexy holiday novella that you’ll want to revisit long after the holiday is over.