Monday, December 30, 2019

Every New Year (Love at Last, #1) by Katrina Jackson Pre-Release Day Review

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Every New Year (Love at Last, #1) by Katrina Jackson
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When Ezra Posner was eighteen, he met Candace Garret and fell in love. 

When Candace met Ezra, she instantly knew he was the boy for her. 

In the middle of their first year at college, Candace and Ezra share a clumsy kiss that should have been the beginning of an epic love affair, but it's not. Instead, it begins a nearly two-decade journey of never quite getting the timing right for love. For almost every New Year's Eve after, Candace and Ezra stumble into one another's arms, but can’t manage to hold onto each other for more than a single night. They live with the expectant giddiness of being able to spend New Year's Eve with the person they love, always hoping that next year will be their year. Until eventually, their annual trysts ruin even the friendship that held them together. 

As 2019 ends, Candace and Ezra are both running away from their broken hearts. They board a plane hoping to finally move on from their relationship, only to run right into each other's arms. 

Every New Year is a friends-to-lovers romance that takes nearly twenty years to bloom. It's also the first in the Love At Last series, where happily ever afters might take some time to mature, but they're always worth the wait. 
It shouldn't be surprising to my long-time followers/readers that I loved another Katrina Jackson novel. If you're new here, welcome to the fandom. 

'Every New Year', is by far one of Katrina Jackson's most revealing novels to date. There were no holds barred on the emotional, angst part of this novel. There is so much push and pull that you want to knock the two character's heads together, or at least force them into a room together until they work out their differences. 

'Every New Year' centers on Candace and Ezra, two seemingly different people with one thing in common: their burning adoration/love for each other. It only took them 18 years to figure it out. 

I am a fan of angst/emotion in novels. I don't mind being taken through the wringer. But if this is not your thing, I'd pass on it. This novel is angst personified, but the ending is so satisfying.

I think this is one of Jackson's best novels to date, and I thought nothing would top Pink Slip, but here we are. The book is revealing, patient, and raw. It's unlike anything I've seen her do before. Though the inspiration was not a happy one, it does whatever she set out to do. It contains all the elements you've grown to know and love from Katrina; if you're already a long-time reader. There's still the erotic sex she's well known for, and the softness, and respect the characters always seem to have for each other.

This book is soft yet hard; it's gentle yet rough. It's love in all the ways that matter. Every New Year is a well-written, knockout of a novel; be prepared for the emotional one-two punch.