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The Eternally Tethered Series by Christina C. Jones Dual Review: Give Me All The Paranormal Lovers!


Haunted (Eternally Tethered, #1) by Christina C. Jones
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Within the bounds of complacency, there exists a boring, beautiful sort of peace, and Khalida has found it. Welcomes it, in fact. A nice, comfortable life, with a great job, a good, albeit on and off again boyfriend, a great relationship with her younger sister... She has nothing to complain about.
But that's only if she ignores the sense of unrest that has haunted her ever since she could remember, overshadowing her ability to connect in love. Only if she glosses over the fact that she’s leaning more toward a permanent off switch when it comes to Travis. Only if she tunes out her way-too-old-for-make-believe younger sister's sudden insistence that some things are a little suspicious when it comes to the details of their past. 
A month ago... Everything was fine. But now — and suspiciously timed with the entry of sexier than possible Aram Duncan into her life — unexplained hallucinations have Khalida questioning if maybe there’s something other-worldly happening around her. But all of that nonsense... Psychic abilities, immortals, time manipulation, mind control.... None of that really exists... Right?

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Coveted (Eternally Tethered Book, #2) by Christina C. Jones
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For as long as she can remember, Ancelin has felt as if she were living a life not her own - confined to an ill-fitting, somewhat empty existence. One she'd come to terms with.
Now though, something is wrong.
She can't see it, she can't touch it, but something sinister is there, lurking in the shadows, determined to consume her... if she lets it.
Ancelin loves the paranormal, the fairy tales, the dark fantasies she's read about in books and watched on a screen - all the things her sister wishes Ancelin would stop insisting were more than stories.
But what if they really are?
What if this is the story, and something - someone - is waiting on the chance to drag her back to real life?

Book #1

Christina get off of my neck. 
Haunted was a paranormal treat. I can say with confidence that Jones can write any genre.

Khalida runs a successful bar/club with her boyfriend, Travis. Everything is perfect; her life; career and her relationship. As a result, she’s bored. She’s tired of her mundane life. Until she meets the eyes of a stranger in her window. The seemingly random stranger has the power to make her feel uninhibited passion, unlike anything she’s ever felt. The gaze in her window was there and then it wasn't. But, was it her imagination? She thinks so until he walks in, and those same eyes greet her. They're attached to the body of Aram, an investor interested in the club and hotel. 

He’s not only looking for an investment, but he’s also looking for Khalida to bring her home. Except she doesn’t know him or does she?

This book is like, “Is it hot in here, or is it just, Aram?” I loved the push and pull between the characters. Aram and Khalida are passion personified. Their love was intensely sexual and passionate. My IPad was not ready. EYE was not ready.

The book is good; so deliciously good.

Jones has a way with weaving short stories that are interspersed with the background and plot needed. She does so effortlessly without fault, and without dropping the ball. This is precisely why I’ve dubbed her the Queen of Black Romance. She just has this black romance thing down pact. She celebrates and takes great care with black love; delivering it to her readers without fuss. She’s that good at it. 

The African king/queen; prince/princess background was a welcomed treat and a bonus. I’ll take one of them Arams if they’re available. 

As a reader: you’ll love the sexual tension and later gratification; the paranormal aspect that will give you shivers in its otherworldly realness; the build-up in the existing relationship between Aram and Khalida, and the overall goodness of a well-put-together story. 

This book is good, and it’s not long, another winner from Jones. But, then again, who's surprised?

Book #2

Narrator: Jones stayed on Jazmen’s neck.

Book two is just as good as the first one. I’m partial to Aram, but that’s because tall, dark, mysterious and handsome is my love language.

Book two follows the story of Khalida’s sister, Ancelin. Ancelin is nothing like Khalida. She has no desire to be tied down in a relationship, and her beliefs are more supernatural than her sister's. She believes she was once a princess, and time will reveal just how true that is.

Nasir is a gentleman and while his demeanor is less assuming, his looks are assaulting. Ancelin is attracted to him, but she doesn’t trust him. She doesn't need a babysitter. So what if something dark and sinister is chasing her?

Ancelin’s spunk and sensuality made her an intriguing character. I liked her take-no-nonsense attitude and her sexual freeness. I liked Nasir’s gentleness. But, the sex scene with the masseuse, I can’t unsee that; and I don’t want to. Double the pleasure, double the fun.

A solidly written novel; with or without the cliffhanger there's one at the end of book two, I'll be back for more. 

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