Friday, June 8, 2018

Inevitable Conclusions (Inevitable, #1) by Christina C Jones


Inevitable Conclusions (Inevitable, #1)
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For Kora and Tariq, those lines have been blurred for a long time. Every time clarity seems to be within reach, something shifts, and in a single moment, focus is lost. Once again, they’re in limbo.
Between them, there is only one secret, with the power to permanently alter their relationship. For good or bad, neither of them knows – nor are they willing to take that risk.
Through the pain of past tragedies and the pressure of current dramas, they always find solace in each other’s arms. Inescapably connected by the interminable bond of friendship, Tariq and Kora navigate family, life, and love, searching for separate answers to a problem that has only has one, unavoidable solution.

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4 out of 5 stars
Christina C Jones never ever does me wrong. Reading her books is like getting in a car, not knowing where you’re going, but having the time of your life regardless.

I never know what I’m going to get but I am always happy by the end.

I am all for the “fight for this and against this, romances—and this book was exactly that.

Tariq and Kora have been best friends since forever *in my Cardi B voice* They’ve been through every up and down life has to offer, together. They’ve even tried their hands at dating—thought that didn’t go well. Too young, too naive, not ready.

Now we’re on the precipice of their mutual forties. They’re both in their late thirties dancing around semi-serious relationships—and sex that never contains the passion or fire they find in the arms and bodies of the other.

But, nope—they’re not going down that road again. They’re better as friends—even though they’re both in complete and utter denial—that no one else will ever be good enough.

But they put up the good fight and I was here for every faux punch—and passionless argument.

Besides the fact that the romance is poppin’ in this one—and it's poppin.’ The chemistry and their connection are things we can only hope for on this earthly playing field—because let me tell you this relationship, finding love thing can be a game of the worst kind—but I digress.

I loved Tariq’s and Korea’s careers. It’s always a reminder how much I love seeing black people doing things—when I pick up a Christina C Jones book. Kora is in the theatre which I secretly adore. I love a good show.

Tariq is in finance after obtaining an injury that ends his football career prematurely.

They’re black magic personified—out here doing things.

Also their characters. Kora was headstrong, intelligent, open-minded and pretty. Tariq was business-minded, smooth, caring and a multi-layered character with a handsome outward appearance like icing on an already delicious cake,

I enjoyed watching the characters grow in their own right. As always I appreciated that though the book was heavily romance based—the characters were not lacking in depth and were easily able to stand on their own.

Nothing like two solid characters standing apart and then coming together. It’s like magic.

The book is well written per her usual. The romance is swoon-worthy and real. You honestly can’t go wrong with a Jones book—like having a bad week?—pick up a Jones book. Summers approaching? Grab that beach hat—and lay on that beach towel with a Jones book. In the mood for something solid and romantic?—pick up a Jones book. It’s perfect for any occasion, any mood and any kind of reader.

I can’t wait to dig into another one because I know as usual it won’t disappoint!

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