Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Liquor & Laundry: An Erotic Novella by Tasha Don't forget the L Harrison

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Liquor & Laundry: An Erotic Novella by Tasha L. Harrison
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Hadassah Ibrahim’s high school crush is in town for his little brother's graduation and she is avoiding him like it’s her job.

The last time she saw Ahmad Williamson, she drank too much and spent the night on her knees in his hotel room doing things that still make her blush and cover her face with shame. The last thing she wants to do is relive that humiliating moment. She’d much rather spend the evening at her family’s laundromat; sweeping and mopping the floor as she reconsiders her life choices.

Ahmad Williamson is certain that Hadassah doesn’t remember that night the same way he does. 

And he’s spent every night since last summer wishing one of them had been brave enough to call. Was it just a fling for her? Was all that flirting she’d done over the years just a joke?

Confessions slip from lips and clothes hit the floor in Liquor & Laundry.

  • high school crush
  • #BlackRomance
  • jerked chicken wings
  • steamy laundromat make out sessions
  • dirty talkin’ hero!
Gah, this book was so soft, so soft—and so good. 

One thing I admire about Harrison's novels is her seemingly innate ability to write stories that feel wholly approachable, no matter the subject. I open her books with an odd sense of comfort without having read the blurb, or the first page, even.

Hadassah has had a crush on footballer, Ahmad Williamson, since highschool. The single time they've spent outside of the friend zone is one drunken night when Hadassah gave Ahmad oral sex he hasn't ever forgotten—but the kind Hadassah regrets. Sloppy, drunk, shy oral sex.

No matter, he's back in town, and her friends are pushing her to see him while he's away from playing ball. Haddie is not down with this plan. She stays home at her family's laundromat. Little does she know, Ahmad wants to see her just as badly as she wants the same.

This book is so sweet and so very soft in all the best ways possible. The book attests to being an erotic novella, but it was so tender—and if we're honest, it's more than its sex scenes—which are super sexy, don't get me wrong.

The prose is simple and to the point. The character arcs are visible, and as badly as I wanted to push the couple together, they fell into love in the sweetest, slowest, softest, and purposeful manner. I feel so emosh thinking about the two of them. I adored the bedside manner of these two. I loved the juxtaposition between Ahmad's football position—the big brawny man, as compared to his approach to a relationship with Hadassah—where he was likely his softest. 

What a sweet story with an ending that made all of it worth reading. Liquor & Laundry is going down as one of my favorite books of the year. 


  1. What a lovely review, Jazmen! I can just tell how much this book meant to you from your review. I love that it was soft and they slowly felt in love. Usually I find novellas don't have any page-space to pack a punch, but this sounds like it's the complete opposite.

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