Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Sweet Talkin' Lover (A Girls Trip Novel) by Tracey Livesay


Sweet Talkin' Love (A Girls Trip Novel) by Tracey Livesay
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Tracey Livesay delivers the first novel in her sexy new series about lifelong friends and unforgettable love stories.

When everything is on the line, surrendering completely to love is your only choice…

Marketing manager Caila Harris knows that the road to success in the beauty industry doesn’t allow for detours. She’s forsaken any trace of a social life, working 24/7 to ensure her next promotion. When grief over her grandfather’s death leads to several catastrophic decisions, Caila gets one final chance to prove herself: shut down an unprofitable factory in a small Southern town. But as soon as she arrives in Bradleton, she meets one outsized problem: the town’s gorgeous mayor.

Wyatt Bradley isn’t thrilled about his nickname, Mayor McHottie. He’s even less happy to learn that his town might be losing its biggest employer. If he has to, he’ll use some sneaky tactics to get Caila on his side. Yet even as he’s hoping she’ll fall for Bradleton, he’s falling too—right into a combustible affair that shakes them both with its intensity.

Two stubborn people, torn between loyalty, ambition, and attraction. But when you’re willing to give it your all, there’s no limit to how far love can take you…
*A special thanks to the publisher for this review copy. This freely supplied copy does not affect my opinion.*

I think I have a thing for small-town romances. I rather enjoy the tight-knit community, even the gossip mongers that cause trouble where it's not needed.

I wasn't too sure how I would feel about Caila with her hard-headed, have to work every second of every day, type A personality. But I enjoyed her strength and resolve to be the best woman she wanted to be. I think that's admirable, even if she isn't real.

I liked Mayor Wyatt Bradley immediately. I could almost hear his drawl in my head—and I think I liked it. He was an upstanding guy who deserved to be dubbed Mayor McHottie for more reasons than just his looks.

I really enjoyed this book, more than I expected actually. It had all the elements I enjoy in a romance; slow-burn, banter, and respective differences. They were different without being assholes about how different they were from the other.

The book is warm where it needs to be, it's spicy in all the right places. The couple was very mature, despite the impending doom that loomed over their heads for most of the novel. The writing is straight-forward and easily relatable. It's a perfectly good novel, and I look forward to the next book in the series. I hope we get to see what's going on with Caila and Wyatt in future books.

It's one of the few IR's that are done well. Highly recommend. 

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  1. Lovely review-. This book sounds delightful, I have a great weakness for small town romance. I just love the sense of community and tight connections to each other. Definitely adding this one to my list.