Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The Write Escape by Charish Reid ARC Review

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The Write Escape Charish Reid
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Take one heartbroken Chicago girl

Literary editor Antonia Harper had it all—the career, the man, the future. That was then. Now Antonia is jobless, alone and at a crossroads. What better time to travel the world? A solo honeymoon on the Emerald Isle will be like hitting the reset button. No distractions, no drama.

Add some luck o the Irish

Aiden Byrnes may be a literature professor, but words fail him when he meets the woman staying in the cottage next door. Tully Cross is meant to be a sleepy little village, and he’s meant to be on a working holiday—not a vacation, and most definitely not with his beautiful neighbor.

And you get some mighty good craic

They say laughter is the best medicine—and as it turns out, superhot sex isn’t so bad either. Antonia and Aiden’s spark quickly grows into what could be something special, if they’re willing to take the leap. Ending up an ocean apart is unthinkable, and when real life comes calling, there’s no ignoring that leap anymore…
I need to read more mature romances. I hate to classify it as such but the truth is the truth, let it settle where it may. 

Antonia and Aiden are the type of couple that I aspire to be with my loved one, one day—making mistakes, figuring things out messily, but coming together at the end. 

Antonia is engaged to be married, and she’s kind of unhappy; she just doesn’t know it. She works for a publisher while daydreaming of being a writer. A broken engagement, a broken heart, and a pre-planned honeymoon find her in Ireland. It’s there she meets Aiden; another wandering soul, trying to figure things out.

I really enjoyed the romance in this story. It was slow going, but not so slow that you’re ready to call it quits before it happens. It wasn’t slow burn either; it came on naturally. It was very; I like you, you like me, maybe? But, let’s not just jump in the bed so quickly, okay?

Reid took the time to build up the story, and most importantly, their back story. You can sometimes forget in the rush for the coming together part, how important it is to get to know the characters. Reid was very good at the developing part. So, by the time I got to the sexy parts, I was fully invested and thoroughly rooting for the couple, passionately. 

I loved the beginning to end of each character separately and together. It was all so mature. Even the big climactic scene didn’t dwell forever; drowning us in a sea of over-dramatics. 

And Aiden, Aiden is the perfect white hero. I know, it’s not always about race, but when we’re talking about an interracial couple; race is bound to come into play. Though the races of the characters differed; he was white, and she was black.

The author took care to allow them to explore their differences, without allowing it to overwhelm them; and without harping on it until her readers were drunk on their racial disparities. Thanks for that, Charish.

Aiden was attentive, compassionate and woke. He was white woke. His eyes and ears were open, and that’s more than anyone could ever ask for.

It’s a lovely love story; one I’d like to revisit when it tickles my fancy. It had heart, sass, passion, and it didn’t lack in sexy.

It’s definitely one of the better romances I’ve read. I would match it up with Therese Beharrie if I were looking to compare. A stunning debut, for me, and not the last time I’ll be reading her stuff.


  1. What a cute cover for this! Sounds like the story inside matched as well. ;)

  2. I am really looking forward to reading this one too, Jazmen. It sounds wonderful. I love that the story delivers and is mature. AND YES! I was hoping you'd compare to Therese Beharrie because when you were talking about the book it sounded like what Therese's books are like!