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Reminiscing by Tierra Cox

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Reminiscing by Tierra Cox
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KyuBeom Yoon is known as the ice prince of the renowned K-pop group, C4. All he wanted was to get away from it all—the lights, the cameras, and the fame that comes with being an idol. And all he wants is Maya Campoy. With Maya, he gets the chance to feel normal, to be loved, to be happyand so much more. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. Years later, he finds himself on a radio show reliving a tale of love and heartbreak, wondering if, at the end of it all, she’ll give him another chance.

KyuBeom (Q) is a member of the K-pop group, C-4. Better known as the “iceman” of the group. He’s in the US on vacation, taking a breather from the celebrity life. Daily trips to the diner have led to him gaining a crush on Maya, the American Black girl he can’t keep his eyes off of.

What works for the story is that KyuBeom is very likable. He’s charismatic and easy to like. His voice is soft but effective, as he really comes off the page. Maya, however, doesn’t shine as brightly. The story is told from Kyu’s perspective, and the parts that are told in Maya’s POV don’t come across strongly. It felt like someone else was telling her story, putting a gap between her character and the reader.

The love aspect of the story loses some of its effectiveness as a result, of the POV struggle. The love story is told and felt through a series of recollections in the form of several radio interviews, that take place over a series of days. For me, at least, it didn’t allow me to have an emotional connection to a story. 

The racial and cultural differences, along with the split time between Korea and the US would have been more potent if experienced first hand. I would have loved to see (read) the scenery while the story took place in Korea. It initially attracted me to the story because I am a fan of Korean culture; ie: Kdrama and K-pop. It would have been nice to experience some culture firsthand.

As a reader, you don’t get to experience much of that. The story is based on the relationship complications between Kyu and Maya. So the story leaves off the extra stuff; like scenery, backstory, and outside influence. 

The only influence the secondary characters and the outside world played was having a negative effect on K&M’s budding relationship.  That is aside from the uncle and father of Maya, who rooted for the pair to make it. 

The story is not bad but would have been that much better if told in a more first-person perspective from both the hero and the heroine.

The ending is HEA but left something to be desired. Because we spent so little time with Maya, I would have loved an Epilogue, just to see where they are, especially if there will be no further books from the pair.

I’m fairly pleased with this book and would read more novels if only to see if the author would expound more and dig a little deeper. 

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