Thursday, August 22, 2019

Black Romance Matters: Britt from Blissfully Read Shares Her Thoughts on Black Romance, Her Favorite Black Romance and Her Top Rec's!

First of all, I’ll never forgive Jaz for making me have to pick just ONE of my favorite black romances. But since we’re here, I guess I can forgive this on indiscretion. 

As a young black woman, black love, healthy black love is something that is extremely important to me. In a world where there are so few chances of it being seen in a light that isn’t toxic, I yearn for it more and more. Too many times black women have to be seen in any form of media as something that isn’t important. The random black friend needed for diversity points, the broken-down woman with the load of everybody else’s problems on her back and not one second for herself, the “hoe” that can never be loved and is only reduced to her reputation. We’ve seen it all and if I know any other black woman we are tired of it. Black romance means that we can be loved too. Be cherished, respected, and be shown in a healthy light. It gives us hope for our own futures that we too can experience that feeling. 

Even though I read Love on the Highlight Reel awhile ago, it’s a story that still holds a strong place in my heart. In the story, we follow Jordan Johnson a football player on the Connecticut Kings and Nicole Richardson. Although it’s a male-dominated field in all aspects, she manages to hold her own behind the scenes of the team. They try to deny their chemistry as much as they can, but as romance readers, we all know that the more characters deny their feelings, the more they explode. I’m not doing the story any justice with that summary but trust me, this story was AMAZING!! The way Jordan unconditionally and without fault. He respected her as the beautiful black queen that she was but also respected her as a career-driven professional. I was barely into the story and I wanted to climb in and keep Jordan for myself lol. 

Please get into this book, then devour the rest of Christina’s catalog because she hasn’t put out a bad book yet!!

My 5 recs: (All Books are Clickable!)
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