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Living Love (The Ivyhurst Series, Book #1) by Ava Bleu

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Living Love (The IvyHurst Series, Book #1) by Ava Bleu
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Kim and Christopher Jenkins are getting on each other’s nerves. They love their daughter and their hometown of Ivyhurst but their family vision is a little off track. Kim wants a home like the ones she sees on cable DIY shows. Chris wants to work more than be at home with his family. And despite the fact that they both hold down jobs, they can’t seem to make ends meet. 
Now their hometown of Ivyhurst is showing signs of stress, too. Which begs the question, what does a loving marriage look like when the realities of life set in? 

Living Love is the prequel and introduction to the Ivyhurst Series of novellas which takes readers into the love, happiness, and angst of the erstwhile Ivyhurst residents. 

The Ivyhurst Series 
The novellas in The Ivyhurst Series are standalone, sweet romances as much about the love of the community as love between the couples. While each story is complete, they are much more enjoyable—and make more sense—when read in order. 
The author is a stellar writer, grabbing the reader immediately with her delicate and thoughtful prose. The novella comes off like a sampler rather than a short story, although it’s well written. It works for the author’s goal of creating a series—but it left this reader wanting for more. 

Kim and Chris married young, after Kim unexpectedly gets pregnant while in college.Even all these years later, with a now teen aged daughter, the pair are just as in love as they once were. The couple is financially strapped, and it appears their financial woes are taking a toll on their relationship—but compromise appears to be their saving grace.

However, it seems Chris is doing most of the compromising in the finance area. Kim wants a house, and she wants an extravagant house to boot. They can’t afford it, but it doesn’t stop Kim from signing them for house tours, regularly—much to her husband’s chagrin.

It causes strife in their relationship and speaks to Kim’s selfishness. The author does a good job of putting these characteristics to the forefront in a short time. She does a great job of introducing the characters to the reader, but leaves you dangling once you get to the meat of the story. 

I’m definitely intrigued to read more, and I want to know what becomes of the couple—so, in that regard, mission achieved by the author. I just wanted more, needed more, to appreciate the writing, and the story for what it’s worth.

Hopefully, the next book is longer or rolls right into book three, if it’s a serial.

Otherwise well done.

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