Friday, March 1, 2019

For Brooklyn's Love by Quinteese: A Release Day Review


For Brooklyn's Love by Quinteese
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Brooklyn Myers loves her best friends, Tessa and Laila. They are indeed, sisters. They’ve each been on a journey of self-discovery since graduating from college. After a year of struggling to find work in their fields, Brooklyn is the first to find her groove and take a leap of faith into entrepreneurship. She writes a book called, Brooklyn's Basement, based on the four years she spent in a sex trafficking ring and launches an online boutique called, Brooklyn's Closet

With Tessa and Laila as her business managers, things are starting to look up for them. Then, one cold weekend in the fall, she goes to a business conference hosted in downtown Philadelphia. There, she meets Barry Carter, a handsome businessman, and owner of Carter Sports Management & Consulting, a sports management company. They bump into each other at the food truck on their lunch break. 

As they share their personal stories over lunch, Barry notices a sadness in Brooklyn that makes him want to explore her world. He listens to her heart and decides that even with his recent heartbreak, she’s worth pursuing. Months go on as Brooklyn and Barry get more acquainted, learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Eventually, Barry decides that he wants Brooklyn to be more than his friend and will do anything to protect their newfound courtship. Just as their love journey goes deeper, Barry’s ex, Simone, shows up, begging him to take her back. 

Brooklyn does her best to endure Simone’s antics, but after she’s confronted by Simone while working with a major client, she walks away, not caring that Barry can’t control Simone’s actions. She’s had enough. As weeks go by, Barry becomes more determined to fight for the woman he knows is meant to be his wife. He’ll do anything to get her back – even if it means he has to risk getting hurt again. Will Brooklyn realize that bumps and bruises come with real, God-fearing love or will she allow the past that haunts her to push away the man she knows God sent her way?
(Please disregard any grammatical errors)

Brooklyn’s Closet is a low-angst, mid-to-high, emotional faith-based contemporary romance I struggled to get into. 

Brooklyn has been through a lot. After being placed in a sex trafficking ring by her uncle as a child and abandoned by her mother—things were more bad than good.

However, she comes through victorious by the grace of God. Brooklyn runs a successful clothing line and has a best-selling book under her belt. Brooklyn is on the way up, despite it all. 

But, she never factored in love. In steps Barry, sports manager extraordinaire. He sees something in Brooklyn; something that speaks to his soul, and he will have her.

I didn’t realize this would be a faith-based romance, which is not necessarily a bad thing. As a Christian, I had no qualms about reading a romance rooted in faith. For those of you who don’t take part in religion or what have you, don’t fret. Though their relationship is heavily faith-based, don’t expect to be preached to. There’s none of that. It’s tastefully done. However, there was something about the way the faith played in their relationship I didn’t like. I honestly can’t put my finger on it. The growth in their relationship felt set up.

While I was rooting for the couple to win, I wasn’t invested in their stories. There was a lack of depth to the characters and their stories that kept me from being fully pulled in. Though they both had weighty backgrounds, it didn’t feel rooted enough for me to care.

Their love wasn’t very romantic, or passionate—so don’t go looking for sexy times here—which believe it or not was fine, at least it was for me. It worked for this story.

I didn’t have to trudge through a lot of unnecessary arguments or drama, which was a plus.

I didn’t hate this book, but I didn’t love it. I had trouble getting fully invested in it and I’m not sure it was as effective with its message as it intended to be.

Recommended for faith-based romance lovers and for those of you that like their romance without the sex.


  1. Damn. That's a very rough background for the heroine. I'm sorry you weren't all that invested in their story though. What a shame.