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Sweatpants Season by Danielle Allen


Sweatpants Season by Danielle Allen
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He has a big…smile. 
It was the first thing I noticed that day until he stood. His grey sweatpants hung off his hips and I didn’t want to look. I really didn’t. 
I’m a feminist. 
I don’t believe in objectifying men. I don’t catcall men. I don’t ogle the bodies of men. I don’t view men as objects of my affection rather than complex people with feelings, wants, and needs of their own. I don’t treat men the way society often treats women. 
I treat men the way I want to be treated as a woman—with respect! 
So, when Carlos ran into me while I was reviewing my interview questions in the park, it surprised me to see my photography classmate out of context. I was also surprised to see as much of him as I did.
It wasn’t just that it caught my eye. It was the fact that it held my attention.
It wasn’t just that it was large. It was the fact that it was visibly large.
It wasn’t just that it was Carlos Richmond. It was the fact that I am Akila Bishara.
And I am not seduced by anything other than intelligent conversation, witty rapport, and meaningful actions.
I am not seduced by a dick print. 
I am not. 
Seriously, I’m not.
Review + Rating
5 out of 5 stars
Omg. Y’all. Y’ALL. This book was the bomb. It was not what I was expecting. It was everything all at once.

Okay, deep breaths, Jazmen. Deep breaths.

First of all, Danielle, come through with this romantic intense drama!

Akila is me, except she’s gotten what she’s looking for. As an aspiring writer with dreams of writing any and everywhere—I related to Akila on a deep level. It almost brought a tear to my eye when she accomplished her goals. It’s deeper than a reader reading a book, at least in that aspect it was.

She was determined and strong, and every time I heard about her kinky curly hair I rejoiced. Yes, to the natural queens embracing their natural beauty.

I really dug her character. Her headstrong-ness, her sass, and her strength were qualities that leaped off the page and kept me engaged.

And despite that, I found a new book bae.

Carlos. Where do I even start?

Carlos is male perfection without being fully physically described. You feel more of his character before you even get to understand his physical qualities.

Danielle touches on the physical but she doesn’t harp on it and I found myself appreciating that because I essentially fell in love with the soul of the characters and not what they looked like specifically. 

It was pretty genius. 

She created love while making the reader fall in love with her story and her characters and that’s no easy feat. 

This book is passionate and angsty and intense and though my fanning hand is tired, I could not get enough. I went through 80-90 percent of this book, in about 2 hours.

I devoured it and abandoned all sense of responsibility.

I can’t even fully describe what I’m feeling without completely rambling.

But this book is just that good.

The pacing was torturing and sweet. The characters were multi-dimensional and realistic. The plot was thick, yet consistent and perfectly paced.

The secondary characters were supporting and engaging. The romance, whew, Y'all. It was everything I would have wanted without even trying. 

I can’t recommend this one enough—and when you get through, don’t thank me. Just don’t take my man, Carlos. He’s not single. 

I know this review is probably more rambly than your used to from me. But a good book will do that to you. At least, they do it to me. 

Please pick this one up. It's not one you want to miss!

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