Tuesday, July 17, 2018

No Loyalty by De'Nesha Diamond & A'Zayler ARC Review


No Loyalty by De'Nesha Diamond & A'Zayler
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She's watching. She's planning. She's past done waiting. Klaudya Ramsey is out for revenge on her own mother. Nichelle seduced Klaudya's wealthy, disloyal husband, had her innocent daughter jailed—and stole her life. Now Klaudya plays on her mom's insatiable greed and her husband's gullibility to take them down hard. But a secret Klaudya never saw coming could turn her vengeful dream into an inescapable nightmare . . .
Their bond is unbreakable. They always have each other's backs—though that's the only thing identical twins Aiden and Kayden Lattimore have in common. So when hard-driving achiever Aiden accidentally gets in major-league trouble, Kayden does his brother's jail time for him. Too bad Aiden is taking care of Kayden's beautiful wife all too well. And now Kayden is about to teach Aiden a lesson in betrayal these brothers may not survive . 

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3 out of 5 stars

I have this love-hate relationship going on with urban fiction titles. As a teen, and even before that it was the book I stole away with, hiding from the watchful eye of my mother--who would not otherwise want me reading a book, where sex and crime were glorified, and almost omnipresent.

Now as an adult, when I pick these books up, there's always a sense of foreboding lingering. They often disappoint, are poorly written--and glorify a stereotype I for the life of me, want black people as a whole to escape from. Don't debate me.

This one was not any different than any of the other urban fiction books I've read--as far as being exactly the kind of urban story I've grown used to. Drug dealing, big-booty women, and all around foul living.

In book one, Nichelle and Klaudya are at odds. They have the kind of mother-daughter relationship I would hope and pray no one has. Nichelle was a young mother--who grew jealous and wanton of her daughter's Richie rich lifestyle. It causes a rift between them, an even bigger rift than what was already present.

I'll give it to the book, it was suspenseful, because I for one, had no idea of what was going to come next--and although I wouldn't classify the book as mystery or thriller--it was definitely thrilling.

Without giving anything away the ending had me shooketh--because one it happens abruptly (I have a little gripe with the quick ending) and two you don't expect it at all, and it leaves all of these unanswered questions. You won't be getting an answer to them, but it doesn't leave you unsatisfied, just curious.

Book two--I laugh because it is urban fiction at its peak. The women are gorgeous and blessed bodily. I don't care if that's the proper way of putting it. That's how I'm saying it.

Twins, Kayden, and Aiden are hardcore--ride or die brothers. If one is in trouble, the other is swooping in with an S on his chest, and saving the other--and vice versa. It was both heartwarming and disturbing--the lengths they would go to protect each other. But, I digress. Who are me to judge?

Taking the heat for an incident Aiden finds himself in, Kayden is doing a bid for his brother. His girlfriend just had a baby--and she's furious he left her, and their infant behind. Aiden steps in out of guilt--and finds himself caught up. But, no worries, Jessica, the girlfriend's cousin, Bronx steps right up to the plate--getting on everyone's nerves but Kayden's in the process.

The book is written well, even if it is predictable and stereotypical urban fiction.

I wouldn't chuck the book across the room, so that's saying a lot. I wouldn't go to the tops of any mountains to sing the praises about it.

But it's a decent duo with enough entertainment to keep the reader intrigued. It's worth reading if only for that.


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  1. Cover girl is so pretty!
    I can understand you not liking the stereotypes associated with urban fiction. It can be frustrating as a reader. I'm glad you liked the book overall even though it wasn't a stand out.