Wednesday, May 2, 2018

In Due Time by B. Love Quickie Review


In Due Time
By:B Love
Published: January 17th, 2018
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“You and these lies. I’ve never known you to be a liar until you started fighting your feelings for me. You’ll be mine in due time, Mackenzie. In due time.” – Rahim Frank 

They met ten years earlier, and she was approached by someone else. Out of a need to keep her close, Rahim settled for friendship with Mackenzie even though he’s always wanted more. After a New Year’s Eve kiss takes things to a deeper level, Rahim is determined to claim Mackenzie… even if she’s his biggest obstacle to overcome. 

Review + Rating
Series: 5 out of 5 stars
Back when I read Bad Romeo by Leisa Rayven, I thought I would never encounter another book quite like it. There was no way someone could author a book about love in such a way that it both infuriated and uplifted me. There was so much angst in that book, my heart broke while theirs did.

But let me tell you, B. Love just topped that. 

The way this book, took me on a roller coaster ride, flipping, and spinning my emotions out of control…I'm still recovering from it.

Rahim and Mackenzie are best friends. Best friends that should be lovers. The only one of the two who doesn't get that is Mackenzie.

Rahim is everything I could want in a character.
He was giving, and kind. He was strong where meekness resided in Mackenzie. He was love where there was sadness. His character felt like a R&B ballad, sweet and soulful.

I loved him.

Every time he spoke, Mackenzie wasn't the only one that fell in love with him.

Mackenzie just about killed both Rahim, and me with her resistance, and hesitance--but the slow burn, the wait, was well worth it.

I could only hope to be loved half as much.

I love a novel that can make me feel. It's how I live my life, searching for the next high of emotion, and B. love did NOT disappoint.

The pacing was perfect torture. The characters were full of depth, and their stories never felt flat. I honestly wouldn't believe this was novella length, if I didn't already know it was. 

It had everything a full-length novel had, with half the number of pages. 

These authors have made me a liar. Novellas can be fulfilling and complete--and I can't wait to be proven wrong time and time again. 

Conclusion: Swoon-worthy romance, angst-y build up, satisfactory ending.

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